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May 02, 2011 09:15 ET

Project Management Book Released

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - May 2, 2011) - Just released today is the all new Project Management Book. This reference manual was made for the business manager that needs answer now that are current and work efficiently in today's business climate. This is just one of the many Project Management Tools that are being brought out by the software company Method123 to help those in the business world achieve their goals.

The project management book is filled with useful application for the most efficient manner at which to accomplish the necessary tasks involving projects and some regular business activities that can cross over. One of the most often used in these tools is the Project Management Templates that are available. At this time there are over 52 different templates to help a manger generate a successful project plan and execute it in the most efficient manner.

As a reference material, the project management book can explain the reason behind the need to complete certain tasks, activities and go into in depth explanations about the 4 different phases of a project. Knowledge is power and this reference book can provide the edge your managers need to beat your business rivals in the market place.

The tasks that are explained in detail in the project management book include how to manage the time of your staff to the eliminate waste. This is one of the hardest resources to control correctly. It is also the only one you can never get back once the time has passed. By managing it in the most efficient manner at all times, your project will progress in the quickest manner to a successful conclusion. This will give your deliverable the best chance on the new global market place to outshine the competition.

Another topic discussed in the project management book is risks and how they not only impact your project, but the best way to avoid their full impact from derailing your project from its progression to a successful conclusion. This is a topic many project managers like to avoid due to the uncertainty involving them. By understanding this part of a project better, it will give your managers a better chance at mitigating them so a reduction in their impact can be accomplished on a regular basis.

Communications is a topic most take for granted. This is more than just talking or sending emails. Communicating successfully means the message is received with the full meaning as it is sent. If there is any vagueness in the message, ambiguity could arise and a team member could divert from the designated path on their assigned tasks. This is a waste of money and time. By avoiding this situation, your project can be kept on track at all times so success can be achieved.

The Project Management Book is a valuable resource for any project manager to have on hand to answer any multiple of questions. At this time it is also available free of charge as a download to help you and your projects achieve their full potential.

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