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April 04, 2011 09:15 ET

Project Management Life Cycle

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - April 4, 2011) - The new and improved Project Management Life Cycle program has every aspect of a project covered to assist you with your needs before, during and after you are involved with a project to create a deliverable.

This all starts with the Business Case and how this very important document is developed from an idea into a working project. This is the first step in the initiation phase that has to be thoroughly planned and documented so the rest of the project can be devised in the proper order and documented.

This documentation process begins with the use of the Project Management Templates that accompany this project management office program that is made to help any project manager thru their projects lifecycle.

These new templates were created by using multiple examples of what is currently working in the business world in the development of a project for a successful production of a deliverable. All of the guess work has been removed since the research has already been completed by the staff at Method 123 Ltd.

The project management life cycle is a 4 phase process that involves over 25 individual steps that are all clearly defined with multiple tools to help the project manager complete their tasks. With each task that needs to be completed are templates that will help you documented a specific task or form so the project can not only be planned correctly, but its progress is documented so a permanent record will be made.

As mentioned earlier this entire process starts with the business case. This is documented using one of the management templates so the goals and scope of the project are clearly defined in an order that has been proven to be successful in the past with numerous other projects.

Other advantages of using this template is its ability to help identify alternative solutions to a problem when and if one arises that could be the correct path for your project to take. There are also places for the benefits of each alternative to be listed along with their associated costs.

There is a place in this document that correctly places the risks to be listed along with many of the possible issues that could arise during the course of the execution phase of your project that will be documented for easy reference in the future. With each of these risks and issues will also be an area of what would be the correct course of implementation or action to resolve them in the most efficient manner.

One of the items most creators of the business plan place in the incorrect location is the solutions for funding the project. This is important but should be included after all the rest of the questions about the project have been listed and documented. The project has to have support before any consideration about funding can be seriously considered and the project management life cycle program does this correctly.

The project management life cycle program is the backbone of a successful project development tool that is advantageous for project managers to utilize when needing to get the support of their new deliverable approved. It is also the best and most efficient means of planning and executing the plan for a successful result.

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