March 21, 2011 10:21 ET

Project Management Methodology

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - March 21, 2011) - Just released is the latest version of Project Management Methodology, the Professional Edition. With the new additions to the program, project managers will have an easier time managing their project through every phase of its life cycle.

Craig Nicholson, technical director of Method 123 Ltd says "the latest update is in response to what customers really want out of this program. We listened and have made them a reality."

The purpose of a project management program is to help the project manager deliver the necessary plans as quickly and accurately as possible. This has been difficult in the past due to the restraints set on managers that had to follow existing methodologies. The new programming allows for the importation of existing methodologies so they can be customized to fit any particular need of the manager.

Just like it is discussed in the article Customizing Project Management Methodologies, the modification process of a methodology can, at times, not be cost effective and finding just one methodology that can be used by your whole team can be a difficult, if not impossible, task to accomplish.

This is why the people at Method 123 put so much time into streamlining the programming so it is user-friendly and produces results. While the improvements were being made, the quality department checked and made sure that the industry standards of Prince2 and PMBOK were still adhered to. This ensures that project management best practices are followed at all times.

The applications were not only checked against the industry standards, but in the real business world. This program can now be used by any industry in the world, regardless of their type of business or the region they are located.

"Another adjustment we were asked to make was to add a sizing matrix to the program," says Nicholson. "This new instrument permits the user to decide how big the project will be and make the sizing adjustments to the existing methodology they wish to use for their project."

"As with all of our products, we have added more examples to help answer the questions any user might have when using this program. This is a digital library that is available anytime you may need it. These examples are more than just how to use the program, but include real-life examples on the practical applications of this program," he says.

"Every phase conceivable is now incorporated into this software program. Future changes will be inevitable since the business world is an ever-evolving entity. We understand this and are constantly making improvements to meet the needs of this current and future business environment."

Using this Project Management Methodology product, you can modify any existing methodology to fit your needs.

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