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Method123 Ltd

December 07, 2010 11:45 ET

Project Management Software Industry Leader Method123 Announces the Release of Their Issue Register Template

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Dec. 7, 2010) - Method123 announced today the release of the newest Project Management Template addition to their Project Management Kit, the Issue Register template.

The Issue Register - also known as an issue log in some organizations - helps you keep track of all issues encountered on your projects. Having a comprehensive list helps the project manager plan, control and react to issues on the project in the best way possible to minimize impact to both cost and schedule.

"On time and on budget delivery of projects is tantamount to project success in many people's eyes," says Jason Westland, CEO and co-founder of Method123 Ltd. "These two things are often the very yardstick that the project manager's performance is measured by. Managing and staying in control of the issues on the project can mean the difference between on time and on budget delivery or a project that goes horribly wrong. With the Issue Register, you'll know where your issues stand, who's working them, due dates, priorities. You'll be able to capture and maintain status on everything issue-related. Your chances for project success increase greatly."

With the Issue Register, the project manager and team will be able to:

--  Document all issues historically for the project 
--  Keep current status of each outstanding issue 
--  Make and track assignments for all issue-related tasks 
--  Identify necessary actions to take to resolve project issues 
--  Prioritize issues 
--  Document and report on issue resolution 

All of Method123's templates come complete with detailed instructions for completing every document section as well as helpful hints and tips to guide the user through the process. They even contain real life data pre-completed in relevant sections to help less experienced users create professional project documentation.

Method123's Project Management Kit has become a top-seller in the Project Management Software industry with more than 1 million units sold worldwide. Companies and project managers everywhere are seeing the benefits of using these templates for their Project Planning processes.

"A Project Management Methodology that does not include an issue management process is doomed to fail. Every project experiences issues - you can't bury your head in the sand," says Westland. "Proactively planning to identify, manage, control and resolve issues is the only way to ensure success. Our Issue Register along with our other issue management tools will help you meet all issues head-on on your projects and come out a winner."

It's no secret that swift identification of project issues together with proactive response can greatly minimize - if not completely eliminate - the impact that a given issue has on a project. Unchecked issues can cost projects thousands of dollars and weeks of lost schedule time. Using Method123's Issue Register to document, manage and track all of your project issues puts you in control.

The Issue Register template can be purchased and downloaded separately, or as part of the overall Project Management Kit product offering. For more information on all of Method123's products, please visit their website at

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