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Method123 Ltd

March 07, 2011 09:15 ET

Project Management Template

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - March 7, 2011) - The new Project Management Template kit has just been released, with all the tools necessary for planning a project in full so an efficient operation can be conducted in a timely manner. This is the latest of many improved products that are being produced by Method 123 Ltd.

Their aim is to assist project managers in their assigned tasks of planning and executing their projects in the most efficient and detailed way possible. By covering the entire lifecycle of a project with all the possible templates that may be needed and the right tools to complete any task, the process of managing a project is made easy.

"This is a really easy product for helping you manage projects," says Jason Westland, CEO of Method 123 Ltd. "We are pleased to make it available to the general public at this time," he adds.

The use of templates has a long history. Today, there are many uses of them in nearly every industry and for personal use.

The main goal of the Project Management Templates from Method 123 is to help guide the project manager through the maze of tasks by assisting in the creation of a complete project plan. This kit includes over 50 different project templates for every phase in the project lifecycle for which a formal document is required.

Not only are templates included for all the plans and their associated schedules, but also the formal documents that have to be sent out to third party contractors. By having a template for relaying information to others outside your company, the message will be consistent every time. This allows for fewer mistakes when placing an order, since the business receiving it will have seen the formatting and structure before in previous messages.

To help reduce these mistakes, charts and graphs are preloaded into the templates where they are most often used. This permits the manager to stay focused on the job of planning their project instead of having to format the document to incorporate them into the plan.

No longer does a project manager have to sift through all the files to determine what is relevant to start the planning process. This project template kit gives you the starting point so the transfer of data can commence shortly after you open the file. Just open it up and save under the appropriate name, and you are ready to begin.

Using the Project Management Template Kit saves time while not compromising the quality of work you are able to produce. By saving time at the planning stage, this energy can be diverted into other areas that need it as the project progresses.

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