Project Manager Online Ltd

May 02, 2011 09:15 ET

Project Manager Program Upgrade

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - May 2, 2011) - Just released is the all new Project Manager program that will give you instant access to the most popular project management tools. These tools are what will provide your managers with the ability to complete their tasks more efficiently than ever before with a higher level of quality.

The most often of these new tools is the Project Management Dashboard. This one screen shot allows the project manager to view graphically the most important aspect of their project in real time. This can be with Gantt and or pie charts. The exact makeup for each screen is customizable to fit the particular needs of the manager.

The Project Manager task list is another great innovation that will help keep track of just what is going on in the project by all project team members. This will be viewed by all members of the team via the online server. In it will be who is assigned to complete each of the necessary tasks of the project and what percentage of those tasks is done. There is also a column when the deadline for the tasks is to be completed.

The part that most team members like about this new task list is the availability of adding memos or notes on the tasks. This is the fastest and easiest manner of informing all of those involved about items of concerns about the task at hand. The notes will be sent to those on your shared list automatically when you are finished writing them.

This is just a couple of the new innovations the Project Management Software can now provide your team when they need to communicate in the most efficient manner during the course of a project.

This is all possible because of the new way this program is now being loaded onto a company's network.

Today the Project Manager can be directly loaded to an online server so access can be granted to anyone within your organization immaterial of their physical location. This is collaboration software at its finest. To limit the users' access to areas, the project manager or other person who is given the administrative controls over the program will have total control.

The Project Manager will give the required access to the team members via page, section or total access depending on their duties. There can also be a time of day that access is granted so collaborations on a task in different parts of the world will not interfere with each other.

The compiling of reports is another task that the Project Manager software does for the users automatically. The only input that is needed is what data is to be included in the report and it will be printed out complete with the requested spreadsheets. This is a significant time saving measure that can be produced in Windows's Word, Excel or in PDF formats.

The Project Manager is like having a digital assistant that never asks for a day off or wants to take a break. This is the management tool of choice for those following the lean methodology approach to a project.

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