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April 03, 2011 16:21 ET

Project Manager Video Press Release

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - April 3, 2011) - Just released this week by Project Manager is the new Project Manager Video on YouTube. This is a short 3 minute presentation explaining how the Project Manager Program can help anyone in business become more efficient when conducting daily business tasks.

In this newly released video, the way a Project Management system can help any business manager improve the efficiency on the tasks they have to perform on a daily basis is explained in a clear and concise manner.

In the Project Management Video a visual representation of how 3 workers in different locations can seamlessly work together on a project is demonstrated. By utilizing the Project Manager software program, tasks can be assigned to each team member and alerts sent to each one on what the current statue of these tasks are.

This is collaboration of work between team members at its finest. Each member can easily see what has been done and their assignments by looking at the task list the project manager has created. In coordination with the tasks list there are sections where notes to the other team members can be placed so all concerned can be informed on the statue and if there are any problems.

The project manager can view all the pertinent information on the project manager dashboard. This is a one screen shot with graphs relaying all the needed information a manager would need to know about their project.

Since every project and business is different, this dashboard is customizable to fit the needs of the manager using it. This can include Gantt or pie charts, whichever is preferred for the quickest type of reference to fit the personal tastes of the manager. This allows the manager to reallocate tasks on the fly when they deem it necessary.

The project manager program can be used by team members in different locations because it can be placed on a server that they all have access to online. This allows for the team member to update their progress on the tasks list. It also permits them to load their work in the appropriate areas of the program that will help progress the project towards its completion.

Control over access to the program is done by the project manager on his computer. He can assign who has privileges for read only and those that are allowed to make changes. This way the project manager has complete control over the project no matter where his team members are located.

The reports that are generated by the project manager can be in Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF, whichever is the preference. This is done by indicating the data that is needed with the click of a button and the reports are generated automatically. This will save time by not having to build the repots manually or building complex spreadsheets to inform the recipients of the reports.

The project manager program allows for input from all team members in real time so the project and the tasks that are assigned to the team members can flow as efficiently as possible.

All of this and more is visually explained in the Project Manager Video on YouTube. This video is only 3 minutes long and can show you how this program is advantageous for you and your company to use. Best of all to watch this program will take less time than it did for you to read this press release.

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