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Project Plan Ltd.

March 07, 2011 09:15 ET

Project Plan

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - March 7, 2011) - The new Project Plan is the fastest program we have made at Method 123 Ltd to date. Along with its increased speed, we have designed the software and its components to be intuitive so it is easier to learn.

"This was all a part of the hardware upgrades that were made to provide the best project management tool possible to our valued clients" was said by the CEO of Method 123 Ltd, Jason Westland.

The reason for the increase in speed is attributing to the way the task page is designed. It is now possible to load a 10,000 page project plan online in the matter of seconds. When using our Project Planning Software online, the latest web browsers that are currently available must be used. This is what our system is designed for. You can still use older web browsers, but the speed is at a diminished capacity.

This is all a part of our plan to use the latest technological advances for the enhancement of the software programming to give our clients the competitive edge they need in the global market environment. Speed in money in the business world and we understand that. That is why we instituted the latest upgrade to enhance the speed of our operations and all of our programs.

As part of the improved task manager the alert system has been updated. This improvement, like so many others have come at the request of our current clients. They have used our system and have made suggestions that could help them improve their business performance. By listen to them, we have made the adjustment to help the businesmen do their job more efficient. One of these includes the way alerts are sent out.

The alert system of our project Planning Software now sends a notice to users that have been assigned a task. This alert is sent before the task is to start as a friendly reminder to plan this task in the near future. No longer will a needed task come popping up without you knowing about it or being reminded of its timeframe.

As our system becomes large and is now available online, new security features were needed to protect your data from being corrupted and just mishandled. The online login system has made the necessary adjustments so the administrators have the full power of authority and control this need. By designating areas to users as read access only or edit, you can now control the information as if they were right in front of you. This has become so advanced that even individual pages of sections can now be restricted or the entire arae, the choice is yours to decide.

Knowledge is power and with it brings an efficient running operation. This is the main goal of the new and improved project plan and its operating system. By providing faster download times the user can concentrate on the tasks they need to perform to improve their business rather than wait on their planning system to do function its has been instructed to carry out. This will help give you the edge you need with the global business environment.

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