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December 12, 2011 09:00 ET

Prolexic Joins Arbor Networks Cloud Signaling Coalition to Stop Evolving DDoS Threat to Data Centers

Cloud Signaling Connects On-Premise and In-Cloud Mitigation Infrastructure, Delivering Comprehensive DDoS Protection

CHELMSFORD, MA--(Marketwire - Dec 12, 2011) - Arbor Networks, Inc., a leading provider of security and network management solutions for next-generation data centers and carrier networks, announced today that Prolexic, the global leader in distributed denial of device (DDoS) protection services, has joined Arbor's Cloud Signaling(SM)Coalition (CSC). The CSC is an innovative partnership between service providers, datacenter operators and enterprises with the mission to ensure the availability of their network infrastructure and speed time-to-mitigation for DDoS attacks.

Founded in 2003, Prolexic was the first company to establish global scrubbing centers to stop DDoS attacks "in the cloud." Leveraging unique filtering techniques, high-speed bandwidth and peering, advanced routing and other patent-pending services, Prolexic provides the most advanced and powerful DDoS detection and network protection systems available.

"Prolexic has been fighting DDoS attacks in the cloud since 2003 and joining Arbor's Cloud Signaling Coalition shows our on-going commitment to this strategy," said Scott Hammack, Prolexic Chief Executive Officer. "Working together, we can continue to refine our tools and techniques to minimize the impact these attacks have on our clients' web sites and revenues."

"As distributed denial of service attacks escalate in size and complexity, their detection and mitigation requires the collaboration of all stakeholders -- from the customer premise to the service provider cloud," said Colin Doherty, Arbor Networks Chief Executive Officer. "The Cloud Signaling Coalition from Arbor Networks® enables this collaboration. It provides an infrastructure that facilitates local and upstream mitigation of edge-based, application-layer DDoS attacks, as well as cloud-based, volumetric DDoS attacks in an automated and real-time manner."

Cloud Signaling: A Faster, Automated Way to Provide Comprehensive DDoS Mitigation
At the heart of Cloud Signaling are Arbor Networks Peakflow® SP and Pravail™ Availability Protection System solutions. Arbor Peakflow SP powers many of the world's leading cloud-based DDoS managed security services, while Arbor's Pravail Availability Protection System (APS) is an on-premise device that protects the Internet Data Center (IDC) edge against threats to availability -- specifically, protection against application-layer DDoS attacks. Cloud Signaling is an efficient and integrated way of bridging the enterprise data center to the service provider cloud. Cloud Signaling connects the on-premise Pravail APS device with the cloud-based Peakflow SP solution, helping to ensure the availability of IDC infrastructures and speed time-to-mitigation for DDoS attacks. Arbor believes that the best way for enterprises, IDC and cloud operators to have optimal protection against DDoS attacks are through this combination of on-premise and in-cloud protection.

Cloud Signaling Coalition: How does it work?
When an enterprise or data center operator discovers that they are under a service-disrupting DDoS attack, they can choose to mitigate the attack in the cloud by triggering a signal to the upstream infrastructure of their service provider's network. A volumetric DDoS attack congesting the upstream links would immediately diminish or disappear altogether from the data center's access links, and service availability would be protected. Participation in the Cloud Signaling Coalition allows the service provider to provide differentiated managed security services, reduces the time-to-mitigation and increase the effectiveness of the response against DDoS threats, thus saving the customer from major operational expenses and preserving their reputation. Enterprise and IDC customers also benefit from real time monitoring of the attack mitigation, as well as granular post-mortem reports with details of the attack and the mitigating steps taken by the service provider, keeping customers in control and maintaining their expertise in command of the event.

About Prolexic
Prolexic is the world's largest, most trusted distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation provider. Able to absorb the largest and most complex attacks ever launched, Prolexic restores mission critical Internet-facing infrastructures for global enterprises and government agencies within minutes. Six of the world's ten largest banks and the leading companies in e-Commerce, payment processing, travel/hospitality, gaming and other at-risk industries rely on Prolexic to protect their businesses. Founded in 2003 as the world's first "in the cloud" DDoS mitigation platform, Prolexic is headquartered in Hollywood, Florida and has scrubbing centers located in the Americas, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit

About Arbor Networks
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