SOURCE: Drs. Alan Rosen and Korsh Jafarnia

Drs. Alan Rosen and Korsh Jafarnia

September 16, 2009 09:00 ET

Prominent Houston Hand and Upper Extremity Specialists of KSF Orthopaedic Center Now Offer Rapid Recovery Endoscopic Cubital Tunnel and Carpal Tunnel Release Procedures

Drs. Alan Rosen and Korsh Jafarnia Expand Less Invasive Treatment Options, Reduce Recovery Time for Common Hand, Wrist and Elbow Conditions

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - September 16, 2009) - The prominent orthopedic surgeons redefining "standard of care" in North Houston, Drs. Alan Rosen and Korsh Jafarnia, are now offering less invasive endoscopic cubital tunnel release to patients. This procedure adds to the latest techniques the hand and upper extremity specialists already offer for such common injuries and conditions as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis and golfer's elbow, tendon and nerve damage, fractures, and arthritis.

The new endoscopic cubital tunnel release is an outpatient procedure that is less invasive than open surgery, promoting a more rapid recovery and resumption of activity. A scope and small incision are now all that is needed to release the compressed ulnar nerve and immediately relieve pain for cubital tunnel patients.

"Cubital tunnel syndrome is the second most common nerve compression condition we see in hand and upper extremity," said Dr. Rosen, president of the KSF Orthopaedic Surgery Center.

"Now we're able to relieve the pressure with a minimally invasive procedure similar to that which we began doing for carpal tunnel syndrome. The new endoscopic procedure is a quick and simple outpatient procedure requiring only a small incision and very little down time. Patients putting off treatment because of their fear of traditional open surgery are feeling more comfortable with these less invasive procedures," added Rosen.

According to Dr. Jafarnia, vice president of the KSF Orthopaedic Surgery Center and Chief of Staff at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital, the symptoms of cubital tunnel syndrome are similar to those experienced with other elbow conditions such as medial epicondylitis, or "golfer's elbow" and may include sharp pain, numbness in the hand, ring or little fingers, as well as pain and muscle weakness reducing grip strength.

Dr. Jafarnia has worked with Houston's top hand, wrist and elbow specialists at Baylor College of Medicine, where he is currently a clinical assistant professor.

Dr. Rosen is renowned for his work on a new technique changing the treatment of serious humerus fractures. He sits on the executive board of KSF Orthopaedic Center and the board of TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital.

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