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October 30, 2009 17:55 ET

A Promising International Handshake -- First Earthquake Electromagnetic Sensors Installed in South America

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - October 30, 2009) - QuakeFinder, a humanitarian organization that conducts earthquake research, has just created the first international benchmark with the installation of a pair of monitoring stations in the Chincha Alta and Tacna areas of Peru. These areas are particularly sensitive as evidenced in a recent magnitude 8 quake that caused hundreds of deaths and untold damage to property and buildings, and where earthquake records indicate that another large quake may be happening soon.

QuakeFinder monitors naturally occurring earthquake precursors in order to develop an early warning system much as what already exists with hurricane warnings. The two Peru sensors will add to the existing network of 65 magnetometers and air conductivity sensors installed along the major faults in California. The higher the number of sensors, the higher the likelihood of capturing the data and gaining insight into what is happening in the earth's crust. QuakeFinder entered collaboration with the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP), the leading institution in the country, for the installation of the two Ultra low Frequency-ULF magnetometers. PUCP students were active participants, providing both brain and brawn, and proudly claiming the first seismo-electromagnetic monitoring system in South America.

"We work on the hypothesis that there may be a sequence of electromagnetic signals that occur around two weeks prior to large earthquakes," says Tom Bleier, VP and Chief Technology Officer of QuakeFinder, "the installation of the first two sensors in Peru is the first step in a long-term expansion of the network. The more sensors we can place along the critical areas the more likely we are to capture large activity near those sensors to provide more proof."

In recent months there has been encouraging findings that support the QuakeFinder hypothesis. In order to confirm any findings, however, there needs to be an increase in the density of the network of sensors. Peru is a solid step in the right direction. QuakeFinder is working towards additional collaborations with other countries along the Pacific "Ring of Fire," and in countries like Columbia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, China, as well as near other faults in Turkey, Italy, and others. Providing additional corroboration of their research could mean that some earthquakes could be forecasted and emergency services could be alerted before the disaster strikes.

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