February 13, 2013 09:51 ET

Promotional Products Increase Birthright Signups in an Unorthodox Way

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With recent news of unrest fresh in the minds of those around the world, travel to Israel has raised security concerns for parents and students alike, causing a significant drop in registrations for Birthright, a program that promotes continuity of the Jewish people through strengthening of Jewish identity, communities and solidarity with Israel, by offering free educational trips for young Jewish adults between the ages of 18 and 26 from around the world.

With Taglit -- Birthright summer registration opening February 13, the savvy marketing department of UF Israel ordered 500 condoms with packaging that was imprinted with the phrase, "Israel: It's safe to come" as well as 300 ping pong balls that said, "Israel: let's bounce."

UF anthropology sophomore Gavin Caper, 19, said, "I just think it's really funny. I think it definitely spreads the word, but I'm surprised they are doing something so out there."

The ploy worked. " out there" got the attention needed to increase those numbers and pre-registration numbers immediately began to skyrocket.

Joshua Kahn, marketing team member at UF Israel, said, "When people see us they say, 'Wait, you guys are giving out condoms?' At the bare minimum, it gets people to talk about Israel and gets some people on the website."

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