SOURCE: ProofSpace

December 05, 2007 14:58 ET

ProofSpace Offers $300 Savings to Celebrate Launch of Three New Data Integrity Products

ProofMark on Demand™, ProofDoc™ and ProofMail™ Bundled for $200 Through December 31, 2007

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - December 5, 2007) - ProofSpace, developers of patented trusted-timestamping and data integrity risk management technologies, today announced that it will offer introductory versions of its three newest data integrity solutions as a "ProofMark Unlimited" bundle for $200 until December 31, 2007, a $300 savings off of the list price.

The three products offer state of the art data integrity and tamper detection technologies that allow companies to monitor the integrity of their electronic documents, detect unauthorized changes both inside and outside the organization, and provide proof of document authenticity to regulators, auditors, clients and counsel.

The ProofMark Unlimited™ Suite includes:

ProofMark on Demand™ allows a user to protect any important file over the web, even remotely, receive certified receipts for ProofMarked files, and validate ProofMarks against a permanent, personalized history maintained on ProofSpace's secure distributed servers.

ProofDoc™ allows users to designate ProofMark folders on their desktop to automatically secure any file placed inside with a tamper-evident ProofMark cryptographic seal and trusted timestamp.

ProofMail™ digitally seals outgoing email communications and attachments simply and easily -- users simply CC or BCC ProofSpace's certified ProofMail server on outgoing mail.

The new data integrity products will officially launch in January, whereupon they will sell for the regular retail bundle price of $500.

Customers can claim the special introductory price of $200 until December 31, 2007 at In addition to the bundle discount, firms that sign up at least 10 users will receive invitations to an exclusive series of webinars on data authentication solutions. The webinars will take place throughout 2008 and feature industry-recognized subject matter experts discussing the latest developments in data integrity.

About ProofSpace:

ProofSpace builds "legally robust" data authentication solutions that thwart fraud, provide an undeniable record of good enterprise conduct, and repudiate false legal claims against client companies. The company's patented ProofMark™ Transient Key technology tags electronic business records with a self-validating cryptographic seal that acts as a "tamper indicator" based on a true and provable time-reference datum, impossible to manipulate, even by trusted insiders. ProofMark irrefutably proves that the content of a record has not changed since the ProofMark was applied, no matter where the data resides or who controls it.