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June 07, 2012 15:22 ET

Prooftag Announces the U-Tag, a Revolutionary Device That Verifies the Authenticity of Documents and Objects

Prooftag Presents the U-Tag, a New, Universal, Mobile Authentication Solution to Fraud and Counterfeiting Faced by Security Organizations

MONTAUBAN, FRANCE--(Marketwire - Jun 7, 2012) - U-Tag terminal represents a major advance in product and document verification. Developed for applications that require maximum mobility, this terminal is firmly rooted in the Chip-to-Cloud era, and permits simultaneous control of all product and document identification and authentication methods. U-Tag gives security authorities an effective and easy-to-use tool in the fight against counterfeiting, capable of reading all existing authentication technologies.

The U-Tag terminal allows security authorities to read all current and future digital fiduciary technologies from one single device. This universal tool authenticates, through access to the Cloud, documents of all different types, including banknotes, tax stamps, security tags and other identity documents (ID cards, visas, driving licences, etc.).

Currently produced in France, the U-Tag is delivered to security solutions integrators on behalf of governments and security authorities (customs officials, police, administrative staff, etc.). The U-Tag offers integrators new possibilities in the implementation of both independent security solutions, and solutions linked to information databases. Moreover, the terminal follows the trend of generalised serialisation of products and documents in a world where mobility is an imperative.

  • Universal: going beyond current technologies already deployed in security protocols, the U-Tag is configurable, evolves, and is open to visible, invisible and digital authentication technologies that are currently in development or will be released in the future.
  • Mobile: the U-Tag automatically connects to public and private communication networks in order to access remote databases through its own GPRS/EDGE/3G/3G+ communication system, or private DMR network. The U-Tag can equally utilise its own control databases in countries that do not offer sufficient infrastructure. All control is saved and positioned by GPS.
  • Autonomous: the reader contains its own embedded intelligence, and does not require complementary devices to perform identity and authentication checks.
  • Incorruptible: To ensure impartiality, and remove potential human error, the device guarantees universal, impartial and traceable control.

About Prooftag -
Prooftag develops security solutions to guarantee product and document authenticity and traceability based on one of the most reliable authentication systems in the world: the Bubble Tag™. Prooftag has been deploying solutions since 2004 to protect brands (wines, spirits, watches, jewellery, cosmetics, electronic goods, etc.) and guarantees document authenticity (diplomas and customs, financial, voting, identity documents, etc.). The high level of security conferred by the Bubble Tag™ has further strengthened Prooftag's legitimacy worldwide. For instance, Prooftag has been approved by the Chinese authorities (CATA - China Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Association) for its anti-counterfeiting technology. As a leading player in the fight against counterfeiting, Prooftag is an active member of several international organisations: NASPO, DSA, ACG.

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