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December 04, 2006 13:55 ET

Proposal to Declare the World's Forest Reserves as a Humanity World Heritage

OLNEY, MD -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 4, 2006 -- Ewire -- To declare the world's forest reserves as a humanity world heritage and elevate to the category of crime any damaged caused to them is the proposal that the Brazilian journalist Samuel Sales Saraiva presented to the United Nations.

In the document, Saraiva, who has lived in the Unites States for 15 years and works in the Washington D.C. area, says that just as the UN is in charge of mediating in international conflicts, it should also act as an organization that protects the environment.

"To preserve the Earth's health is more important than tribal or religious conflicts that are solved in the long term," declares Saraiva as part of the arguments of his proposal.

In order to provide support to the proposal of converting into crime all damages caused to the forest and water reserves, Saraiva uses a metaphor in which he explains that "no passenger in a ship's cabin has the right to turn on a fire just for being there. The cabin is part of the ship and its destruction affects all and puts them under risk."

In the document presented to Ban-Ki Moon, elected UN General Secretary, and to members of the organization representing different countries, Saraiva also proposes the creation of an "army" that supervises every country's behavior with regards to their work in order to preserve the forest reserves. This army could be created by representatives from NGOs, professionals who work in the academic sector and government agencies.

In case his initiative is accepted, Saraiva suggests that in order to create the laws that would regulate the forest and water reserves' care, the United Nations can use the rules that some countries have already created individually. But, in order to enforce them, the UN and its "army" would have to be very rigorous to the point of using their strength with the aim of protecting the planet.

"The objective is to elaborate a transcript which content is aimed to all nations and more globally to all humanity." Saraiva's proposal is careful in not hurting the sovereignty of any nation, which is the reason why it suggests the creation of strong regional organizations that can act in association with the UN.

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