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December 16, 2010 08:32 ET

Proposed Admission to AIM and Authorisation to Issue new Shares

16 December 2010

                                   GREAT WESTERN MINING CORPORATION PLC
                             ("Great Western Mining", "GWM" or the "Company")

                      Proposed Admission to AIM and Authorisation to Issue new Shares
Over  the  past four years Great Western Mining has been carrying out an extensive programme of exploration
in the Huntoon Valley and Excelsior Mountain area of Mineral County, Nevada, U.S.A.

Starting  with  a cache of maps and geological reports left by an old resident and prospector  in  the  now
ghost  town of Marietta, the Company surveyed and staked twenty-one lode claims covering some 420 acres  in
2006.  Since then an extensive programme of trenching, pit-work and sampling has resulted in the area under
claim being expanded to 410 lode claims extending over approximately 33 square kilometres.

Great  Western Mining recently commissioned a Competent Person's Report as part of a suite of  evidence  to
support  its  initial  view  of  the existence of substantial quantities  of  readily  accessible  minerals
including  Copper,  Uranium and precious metals. This report is supported by Advanced Space  borne  Thermal
Emission  Reflectance Radiometer imagery data covering the area. This work was carried out by the NASA  Jet
Propulsion   Laboratory,   and  examined  in  conjunction  with  aero-magnetic  surveys   and   geophysical
interpretations of data acquired. Accordingly, the Directors plan a multi bore-hole, core drilling campaign
in the spring of next year moving towards an eventual bankable feasibility study.

To  facilitate  this major expansion of the Company's exploration budget, Libertas Partners  LLP  has  been
appointed as NOMAD and Broker to a potential Placing and Admission to AIM. Although the precise details  of
the  Placing have not yet been finalised, the intention is to raise sufficient money to fund a twelve-month
exploration  programme. For this reason the Company plans to seek shareholder approval for an  increase  in
the  Issued Share Capital to provide headroom for future funding requirements. A further announcement  will
be made as and when appropriate.

Emmett O'Connell, Executive Chairman, commented:

    "Significant time and resources have been invested to get us to our present strong position. We
    firmly believe that Great Western Mining is sitting on a substantial asset of accessible minerals
    and are delighted that Libertas is on board with us."

The Directors of the Company accept responsibility for this announcement.


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1.  GWM is an Irish exploration company with rights over approximately 33 square kilometres of mineral lode
    claims in Nevada. U.S.A.

2.  GWM's shares are admitted to trading on PLUS-quoted in London, trading symbol GWMO.

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