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September 13, 2010 12:54 ET

Prosper China™: Chinese Consumers' Digital Habits Defined

3 in 4 Pick as Favorite Search Engine; Among Top Sites for Entertainment and News

COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - September 13, 2010) - Internet ad revenue is surging in China as advertisers clamor to make their presence known online. Not only does China have more Internet users than any other country, but 81.4% of Chinese consumers (18-54) say surfing the Internet is a favorite way to spend free time, making it the #1 leisure activity, according to the Prosper China™ Q2 Survey of 18,089 respondents.

As opportunity abounds, advertisers must understand digital habits of Chinese consumers -- where they are going, what they are doing and what influences them to purchase.

When searching the Web, an overwhelming majority of 18-54-year-olds choose (76.0%) as their primary search engine. Chinese 18-34 (76.7%) and 35-54 (75.3%) agree.

Movies and maps top the lists of categories searched most often for Chinese 18-34 and 35-54.

Top 3 Regularly Searched Categories:
18-54 18-34 35-54
Movies (52.2%) Movies (60.6%) Maps/Directions (49.9%)
Maps/Directions (49.5%) Clothing/Shoes (52.5%) Comparative Shopping (45.7%)
Clothing/Shoes (48.8%) Online Entertainment (50.6%) Travel (45.6%)

56.3% of Chinese 18-54 regularly research products online before purchasing in store. Younger consumers are more likely than older consumers to do so: 58.6% of consumers 18-34 regularly research online compared to 54.3% of consumers 35-54. Additionally, 50.8% of those 18-34 regularly purchase products online; 42.5% of consumers 35-54 do the same.

Digital media's influence on Chinese shoppers' purchases varies. Overall, digital media is more effective when influencing automobile purchases compared to grocery purchases. Within the automobile category, Internet advertising and blogging are more influential on the older segment. In the grocery category, digital media has a stronger influence on consumers 18-34 compared to 35-54.

Top 3 Digital Media Influences for Automobile Purchases:
18-34 35-54
Internet Advertising (13.5%) Internet Advertising (14.9%)
Blogging (12.6%) Blogging (12.9%)
Web Radio (10.3%) Instant Messaging (10.2%)
Grocery Purchases:
18-34 35-54
Internet Advertising (10.3%) Internet Advertising (8.8%)
Instant Messaging (10.3%) Instant Messaging (8.8%)
Social Media (8.6%) Social Media (7.5%)

As a point of reference, traditional media tops the lists of all media influences. For example, in the automobile category, 35.0% of Chinese 35-54 are influenced by TV Broadcasts. For full complimentary report:

Chinese consumers don't just search and shop online -- they have fun.

Top 3 Activities for Fun/Entertainment Online:
18-34 35-54
IM/Chat (56.3%) IM/Chat (52.3%)
Download Music/Videos (45.8%) Download Music/Videos (40.1%)
Celebrity Gossip (40.7%) Shopping (38.4%)
Top 3 Sites for Fun/Entertainment:
18-34 35-54 (28.7%) (29.6%) (13.5%) (21.2%) (12.3%) (14.8%)

These top entertainment websites, categorized as social media destinations, are also the most common places for Chinese consumers to gather news on the Internet.

Top 3 Online News Sources:
18-34 35-54 (45.8%) (43.3%) (31.8%) (33.0%) (16.9%) (18.4%)

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