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December 09, 2009 14:54 ET

Prosper China MediaPlanIQ™: Consumer-Driven Media Allocation in China; U.S Models Won't Work

Media Allocation for Grocery: TV for Chinese, Newspaper for Americans

COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - December 9, 2009) - Allocating media dollars in China's fragmented marketplace is no easy task for foreign marketers. Chinese consumers are unique and a one-size-fits-all ad campaign won't work. Chinese tend to be selective in their purchases and more educated about western brands. More importantly, they consume media and are influenced to purchase differently than American consumers, according to a recent analysis of Prosper China MediaPlanIQ™ (which includes insights from the BIGresearch China Quarterly of over 15,000 Chinese consumers).

When developing a strategy for marketing groceries to Chinese consumers (18-54), planners should allocate 36% of their measured media(1) budgets towards TV and 30.4% towards Newspaper. On the other hand, an allocation model for marketing to U.S. consumers the same age would include 38.4% towards Newspaper and 28.1% for TV. This allocation includes measured media only. To view the full allocation including unmeasured media, click here:

(1) Measured media includes: magazines, newspaper, TV, radio and Internet

For telecom, the allocation includes 35.8% for TV and 27.8% for Newspaper when marketing to Chinese consumers. In this scenario, more emphasis should be placed on print media for Chinese and radio for U.S. consumers.

      Prosper China MediaPlanIQ™: Chinese (18-54) v. Americans (18-54)

               Chinese 18-54      Americans 18-54
Magazines          14.2%               11.1%
Newspaper**        30.4%               38.4%
TV                 36.0%               28.1%
Radio              10.0%               14.1%
Internet            9.5%                8.2%

               Chinese 18-54      Americans 18-54
Magazines          14.7%                8.0%
Newspaper**        27.8%               18.1%
TV                 35.8%               37.9%
Radio              10.0%               20.7%
Internet           11.7%               15.3%

Prosper China MediaPlanIQ™ and Prosper MediaPlanIQ™, Dec 2009
 (Includes measured media only)

*Allocation for grocery purchases. Media influence weighted by consumption
 for consumers 18-54

**Newspaper includes FSIs

***Allocation for telecom purchases. Media influence weighted by
   consumption for consumers 18-54

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Prosper China MediaPlanIQ™ is a result of analysis of the BIGresearch China Quarterly by Prosper Technologies. Prosper Technologies collaborated with Martin Block, Ph.D., and Don Schultz, Ph.D., of the Medill School at Northwestern to develop Prosper MediaPlanIQ™ For more information in English:; in Chinese:

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