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December 01, 2011 09:00 ET

Prosper Publishing Company Introduces a Unique Trading System That Achieves Profit Every Year With a 209% Average Return on $5,000 Over an Eleven Year Period

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - Dec 1, 2011) - Prosper Publishing Company today announced the introduction of a new trading system which produces returns up to 343% on an investment as low as $5,000. Traders are not required to watch prices throughout the day as all orders can be entered in the first fifteen minutes of the day.

The Prosper system has been profitable over the last eleven years with an average return of 209%. Over the last ten years, returns of up to 343% have also been reached based on computerized back testing of the Prosper Day Trading System. It is a well known fact on Wall Street that returns on day trading greatly exceeds returns from long term holding. This is the primary reason that traders have gravitated to day trading in the last few years.

The most amazing benefit of the Prosper system is that a trader is not required to watch prices all day long, as is the case with most day trading systems, as all entry and exit orders are placed within the first fifteen minutes of the trading day. The Prosper system, therefore, allows the trader to be more relaxed with less stress and tension.

B. J. Berry, a futures commodity trader since 1964, discovered a little known eccentricity in the daily market action of stocks, bonds, and futures. This enabled the creation of a method to trade that capitalizes on the nearly invisible pattern which occurs every trading day. Thus an extremely simple, yet effective, method of trading commodities or securities is possible. As the Prosper system is protected as a trade secret, purchasers are required to sign non-disclosure statements.

Mr. Berry remarked, "I could hardly believe the extraordinary results of the Prosper Day Trading system on the day I discovered this anomaly of the market. I continued to test the system for an additional three years before releasing this system. Larmee Associates, a specialist in creating trading systems, created custom software to back test the S&P 500 with great results. Purchasers receive the back testing software at no extra cost."

The Prosper Day Trading System has the benefit of an established market advantage, without which, a trader is most likely to lose money with discretionary trading. The Prosper Day Trading System Back Testing software allows purchasers to back test the stock indices, stocks, bonds, and commodities, such as crude oil, wheat, and corn.

Details of the Prosper Day Trading System's performance are set forth on the company's website,

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