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September 22, 2011 13:16 ET

Prostate Cancer Cure United States Patent Application -- PRORVLYSIN® CZ BioMed Corp.

TAMPA, FL--(Marketwire - Sep 22, 2011) - CZ BioMed Corp. announced today they have successfully applied for a United States patent for its new treatment for prostate cancer, PRORVLYSIN®, a novel oncolytic virotherapy which is a new class of potent, genetically engineered virus that selectively kills prostate cancer cells. Moreover, negative sexual side effects such as erectile dysfunction or loss of libido appear to be nonexistent. This medical breakthrough will allow CZ BioMed to potentially help millions of people worldwide in their battle against prostate cancer.

As a result of this milestone, CZ BioMed Corp. is continuing discussions with all interested global Bio-Pharma leaders, for partnership arrangements and licensing of the technologies. Simultaneously, the company will begin IND (Investigational-New-Drug) filings with the United States FDA to initiate Phase 1 clinical trials. In the interest of bringing these game-changing treatments to America directly as quickly as possible, international studies are beginning. At this time, CZ BioMed is seeking the participation of patients for clinical trials to be conducted by our staff in our overseas facilities. We have partnerships with only the best, state-of-the-art hospitals and laboratories with the trials being personally conducted and overseen by our medical director, doctors, scientists, and specialists.

PRORVLYSIN® is the invention of CZ BioMed Corp. PRORVLYSIN® is a genetically modified oncolytic virus that selectively targets and destroys prostate cancer cells, whilst leaving surrounding non-malignant cells unharmed/uninfected. The destruction of these cancer cells occurs either through direct lytic rupture via multiple cycles of viral replication or the subsequent induction of apoptosis, also known as programmed cell death. Thus, PRORVLYSIN® is vastly safer to use and easier for the body to process, as compared to traditional chemo- or radio-therapies of tumors, allowing patients to enjoy a much higher quality of life during treatment.

A highlight of this point is the fact that the treatment itself is much less menacing and painful, and more drastic procedures, such as removal of the prostate or castration, are not necessary. This would allow for normal sexual function to continue without the negative side effects that go along with the removal of such organs. As a result, it would follow that more men would be inclined to pre-screenings, knowing that early detection could now be treatable without detriment, and by default, save more lives.

PRORVLYSIN® specifically kills prostate cancer cells (LNCaP cells), but not normal PCS-440-010 (Human Primary Prostate Epithelial Cells). PRORVLYSIN® selectively induced cytopathic effect (CPE) in the LNCaP prostate cancer cells, and had a higher viral titer in these tumor cells than in the normal PCS-440-010 cells 24h post-infection.

PRORVLYSIN® was also found to kill PC3 cells when checked 48 hours post-infection. This indicates that PRORVLYSIN® has the potential to treat a broad spectrum of prostate cancers.

Moreover, PRORVLYSIN® may prove to induce less neutralizing antibodies upon in vivo administration, because of its lower antigenesis as compared to other oncolytic viruses; similar to our test results with breast cancer cells treated with our BRVLYSIN®. This would suggest that PRORVLYSIN® can be administered multiple times to allow for maximum effect in eradicating the tumor, without concern for the host body rejecting it or fighting off the treatment.

PRORVLYSIN® specifically localizes to the tumor upon direct injection, and does not spread to other healthy tissues or organs due to its genetic modifications. Thus, this procedure is not harming areas of the body that are not currently in danger of the cancer. Intravenous administration for distant cancers is also possible with its use as a pre-cancer vaccination highly plausible at this point due to the virus' ability to exist, and not infect non-cancerous cells.

Prostate cancer is the most common malignancy and the second leading cause of cancer mortality amongst men in the Western world. In the USA, there is an estimated incidence of 217,730 cases and 32,050 deaths in 2010. Up to 40% of men diagnosed with prostate cancer will eventually develop metastatic disease, and although most respond to initial medical or surgical castration, progression to castration resistance is universal. The average survival for patients with castration-resistant prostate cancer is 2-3 years. It continues to be a major cause of cancer related morbidity and mortality, and there is an urgent need for new treatments.

"We are extremely proud of this achievement announced today. This documents our continued, constant efforts to not only discover through research, but develop and refine our virotherapies into treatments that will combat a wide range of cancers for a multitude of people. PRORVLYSIN® is but one of many treatments to be brought to market by our dedicated team."
~ Calvin Cao, Founder / Chairman / CEO of CZ BioMed Corp.

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CZ BioMed Corp. is a privately held Biotechnology company based in Tampa, FL, focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of a new class of high-tech biological products for the treatment of a wide variety of human cancers. CZ BioMed products use novel oncolytic viruses that have been genetically engineered to selectively target tumor cells, but not normal healthy cells. The mission of CZ BioMed Corp. is rooted in the knowledge of our invention with the products we provide positively affecting the quality of patients lives. Since everything we do, no matter how small, impacts the end product and ultimately people's lives, we accept only the highest ethical and quality standards, both from ourselves and others.

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