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June 01, 2015 08:57 ET

Protea Highlights New Mass Spec Imaging and Bioanalytical Workflows at ASMS

New Workflows Support Applications in Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Biomolecules and Dosed Pharmaceuticals

ST. LOUIS, MO--(Marketwired - June 01, 2015) - Protea Biosciences Group, Inc. (OTCQB: PRGB) ("Protea") announced today that it is presenting a variety of new applications using the Company's proprietary mass spec imaging system and bioanalytical workflows at the 63rd American Society of Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics, held in St. Louis, MO. The eight posters to be presented by Protea scientists include the following:

  • REDIchips for Applied Quantitation of Alkaloids; Monday, Poster 246
  • Metabolomic Profiling of Biofluids Using Laser Desorption Ionization on Nanopost Array Devices (REDIchips); Tuesday, Poster 189
  • in situ Detection and Imaging of Ergot Alkaloids in Ipomoea Tricolor Seeds by LAESI-MS/MS; Tuesday, Poster 23
  • REDIchips for Rapid Quantitation of low Molecular Weight Pharmaceutical Drugs using Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry; Wednesday, Poster 159
  • in situ Top Down Proteomics: Targeted Imaging of Histones in Tissue Using Laser Ablation Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry (LAESI-MS); Wednesday, Poster 535
  • Integration of MS Imaging and Proteomic Data for Biological Discovery in a 3D Microtissue Model of Colon Cancer; Thursday, Poster 660
  • Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Rabbit Skin Topically Dosed with an Antifungal Compound using a Stable Isotope Labeled Internal Standard; Thursday, Poster 682
  • Cross Platform Lipid Imaging of Silver Nanoparticle-Exposed Rat Brain by LAESI-MS and MALDI-MS; Thursday, Poster 676

"We are pleased to present a diverse set of applications using the imaging and bioanalytical workflows we've established at Protea," stated Greg Kilby, Ph.D., Protea's Vice President of Operations. He continued, "The ASMS conference is a great venue for us to exhibit our recent scientific developments that support our imaging and bioanalytical services, as well as showcasing the expanded applications of the LAESI instrument platform and release of the REDIchip target plate."

Also at the ASMS Annual Meeting, the Company announced the release of Redichip™ -- a proprietary, chip-based, matrix-free MALDI target plate enabling rapid and sensitive detection and quantitation of small molecules.

Protea's eight scientific posters will be presented in various sessions throughout the week. The Company's overall capabilities will be discussed with attending researchers in their corporate exhibit booth (Booth #123) at the conference.

For more information about the presentations at ASMS, visit our website at:

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Protea Biosciences Group, Inc. (OTCQB: PRGB) is a molecular information company providing innovative bioanalytical solutions to the pharmaceutical and life science industries. "Molecular information" refers to the generation and bioinformatic processing of very large data sets, obtained by applying the Company's technology to identify and characterize the proteins, metabolites, lipids and other biomolecules which are the byproducts of all living cells and life forms.

The Company is applying its technology to the development of next generation, "direct molecular imaging" technology and service capabilities that enable more rapid and comprehensive molecular profiling of human disease.

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