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December 19, 2013 08:39 ET

ProTek Capital Inc. Announces New Management and New Business Plan Development

ProTek Capital Announces Changes to Board of Directors and New Senior Management

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Dec 19, 2013) - ProTek Capital, Inc. (OTC Pink: PRPM) today announced the Company's intention to add new senior management and board members with broad business and management experience in the corporate and public arena. The global focus will be on revenue generating companies focused on increasing shareholders values and building an acquisition portfolio for the company. Candidates are already under consideration with plans to finalize appointments before the end of this year. ProTek Capital announces changes to Board of Directors and senior management.

ProTek Capital announces today the resignation of Edward Vakser as chief executive officer of ProTek Capital. The company would like to thank Mr. Vakser for his dedication and respective contributions as he moves on to more pressing matters as a consultant for the Mergers and Acquisitions, as well as securing contracts and other financial relationships between ProTek Capital Inc., and other public companies that Mr. Vakser has relationships and strategic involvement.

The company has appointed Luther R. Jeffries to serve as CEO effective immediately. Mr. Jeffries brings over 20 yrs experience of upper level management in such companies as Starter, 1-800-pro-team, Midland Foods, Aldi USA, Champion/Sara Lee and also owned a multi unit chain of jewelry stores. His immediate focus will be restructuring all aspects of the company in an investor friendly manner and target new acquisitions already generating profits to add shareholder value.

"I'm looking forward to providing an open door policy to shareholders to add transparency to our business. I will be updating the shareholders within a week as to our plans and direction for a profitable future. Together we will make this company a great success," stated Mr. Jeffries, ProTek CEO.

"I am extremely excited to see the development and evolution of ProTek Capital Inc. We developed an aggressive plan, and now we are back on track to complete the plan and the development. We will continue to aspire to build growth by Mergers and Acquisition, to add and enhance to the shareholders value and company's growth," explained Mr. Vakser, as exiting CEO and an investor.

The management and director augmentation is also intended to further the Company's recently announced endeavors to raise its disclosure standards in conjunction with the Company's steps to secure strategic financing and execute the terms of the recently announced (

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ProTek Capital, Inc. has historically concentrated on acquiring a portfolio of unique and promising, high-growth potential companies.

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