February 29, 2008 17:34 ET

Protest Against the SPCA on Sunday, March 2nd

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Feb. 29, 2008) - A group of protestors plan to picket outside the Montreal SPCA shelter on Jean-Talon Ouest on Sunday March 2nd, at 1:30pm to demand the dismissal of the SPCA's general director, Pierre Barnoti, as well as the board of directors. We want to take this opportunity to address several of the unfounded accusations.

Accusations aired by CTV News between February 11th and 15th, 2008:

We are saddened to find ourselves in a position where the SPCA must once again take a defensive stance against an investigative series fraught with misinformation. In response to the reports aired between February 11th and 15th, we have posted 10 videos on youtube.com which can be accessed through our own website spcamontreal.com. We will address the fact that CTV continues to misrepresent financial information that was already refuted after their February 2007 news report (for example, the station once again insinuates that the SPCA's transportation budget pays for Mr. Barnoti' s personal travel rather than the maintenance of it's patrol trucks). Further, we will provide information on the sources CTV chose to interview, and present the SPCA's side on issues such as euthanasia, fundraising and shelter operation.

Sunday's Protest:

We believe the majority of Sunday's participants will arrive because their sincere desire to improve the lot of our animals. We respect their passion and sense of civic duty and do not fault them for believing the biased information they have been provided. Our issue lies with the protest organizers, a small group of radicals including Ms. Nicole Messier of Milice @nimale du Quebec, Ms. Louise Auger, and Ms. Nicole Joncas of Teja Animal Rescue. We obtained emails being circulated by the organizers that include false promises, vague accusations, blatant untruths and their desire to take over the shelter:

- "I prepared a plan to straight the finances, personel, procedures, to transform it in a no kill shelter...I want to cut the salary in half for the direction (being me hopefully) and to cut the expenses by 90%. With this economy of more than 130 000$" (Nicole Messier, 23 fevrier, 2008)

- "all employees are sad and terrorized" (Nicole Messier, 23 fevrier, 2008)

- "Deuxio, n'oubliez pas qu'a chaque fois que quelqu'un adopte un animal de la SPCA, c'est plus d'argent dans les poches de Barnoti. Il recoit 20% de tout l'argent qui rentre a la SPCA" (Janine Larose, 27 fevrier, 2008).

- "N'oublions pas que certains, dont le Berger Blanc, doivent bien rigoler de ce qui a ete dit a CTV - car ca leur rend service d'une certaine facon; ne leur donnons pas espoir qu'ils vont garder le contrat de Montreal!!! "(Nicole Messier, 26 fevrier, 2008)

- "Donc, on se deguise en gens ordinaires qui sont indignes de la situation apres les reportages de CTV. On amene nos amis et famille, etc...pour etre credibles, il ne faut pas arriver la trop equipes et professionnels de manif " (Louise Auger, 28 fevrier, 2008)

The SPCA has always been open to discussing any aspect of our operation with the public and media. However, we find it impossible to have our voice heard when being confronted by irrational accusations. We continue to be proud of our work and hope that this rebuttal will finally allow us to return to our actual work of protecting the animals of Quebec.

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