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MADD Canada

November 18, 2005 14:09 ET

Provinces have means to strengthen 0.05% BAC impaired driving laws

MADD Canada says 'Alberta Justice Minister Ray Stevens is wrong' Attention: News Editor, Government/Political Affairs Editor, Transportation Editor OAKVILLE. ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Nov. 18, 2005) - When Federal Justice Minister Irwin Cotler suggested that provincial governments should look at new 0.05% BAC impaired driving laws, it riled Alberta Justice Minister Ray Stevens into stating that he does not think a change is necessary. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD Canada) is saying both Ministers should take a step back and look at the issue again.

The Alberta Justice Minister is wrong with his comments that provincial impaired driving laws are appropriate and that 'nothing has to be done,' so states Andrew Murie, MADD Canada's Chief Executive Officer. "Minister Stevens is wrong and needs to catch up to the public and his own Albertan officials on this subject. He should know there are proven initiatives that his government can introduce to strengthen the provincial impaired driving laws at 0.05% BAC."

Mr. Murie explains, "Ministry of Transportation officials from across the country - including from Alberta - have endorsed the need to introduce new sanctions to make provincial laws more effective. The evidence tells us that the problem with current provincial suspensions is that they serve as no deterrent for drinking drivers."

"Provincial elected officials have the means and the power to introduce more effective impaired driving laws that will get impaired drivers off the road faster and ensure they are less likely to be repeat offenders." Mr. Murie says, "What is needed is the political will and fortitude to follow the direction and advice of the country's bureaucracies."

MADD Canada is pleased the Federal Justice Minister has spoken out on a 0.05% BAC legal limit. Mr. Murie says, "We are pleased to hear Mr. Cotler's remarks on the value of new laws at the 0.05% BAC level. Certainly, the empirical evidence and international experience tells us that the 0.05% BAC legal limit is the most responsible level when factoring public safety and the risk to injury on the roads."

"We still hope the federal Minister will seriously look at a federal 0.05% BAC law and not simply pass the issue off to his provincial counterparts. Minister Cotler knows the attractiveness of federal 0.05% BAC legislation is that it provides a uniformly implemented, consistent approach to making our roads safer from impaired driving tragedies from coast to coast."

Mr. Murie adds, "I hope both Ministers will take a step back from their initial public statements and look at this important issue again. A 0.05% BAC legal limit will significantly reduce the numbers of innocent Canadians being killed on our roads. It is worth a thorough review."

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