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September 04, 2014 08:00 ET

Proxim Wireless Advanced WORP® Sync Technology Now Available

Proxim to Host Webinar to Discuss the New Technology September 18

SILICON VALLEY, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 4, 2014) -  Proxim Wireless Corporation (PINKSHEETS: PRXM), a pioneer and global leader in advanced Wi-Fi, point to point (PtP) and point to multipoint (PtMP) radio systems, today announced the launch of Tsunami WORP Sync, the latest release of Proxim's proprietary Wireless Optimized Routing Protocol (WORP®) software.

This latest generation of WORP® software adds two important features to the already-powerful suite of benefits enabled by Proxim's WORP software:

  • Network synchronization
  • Common Timing Protocols (CTP) enabling interference-free operation even in certain multi-vendor equipment environments

Network Synchronization

With the growing demand for outdoor wireless applications and limited license-free spectrum, there exists a clear and growing deficit of available interference-free frequencies. Large scale wireless Internet service providers (ISPs) and organizations with dense networks are compelled to reuse the limited available spectrum, often resulting in high self-interference, poor Quality of Service (QoS), and reduced throughput.

Proxim's WORP Sync technology effectively overcomes these challenges by harmonizing all Proxim WORP Sync-enabled PtMP base station units (BSUs) and PtP radios in a network to either transmit or receive at the exact same time with the help of GPS satellite signals or other Ethernet timing devices.

This WORP Sync harmonization results in:

  • Reduced self-interference and improved consistent, high throughput performance
    Augmented with the WORP Sync features, Proxim's proprietary WORP® MAC technology virtually eliminates contending Transmit (TX) and Receive (RX) cycles from nearby peer Proxim radios in a network. Reduced self-interference ensures higher throughput, improved BER performance and more consistent and predictable operation even in dense deployment conditions.
  • Improved over the air efficiency and collocation
    Proxim's WORP Sync technology enables efficient frequency reuse and dense collocation. Leveraging the advantage of reduced self-interference, more WORP Sync-enabled BSUs and PtP radios can be collocated more efficiently on the same cell site with fewer channels and without affecting the performance of the network. Denser collocation in turn enables network operators to increase their Bits/square mile from a single tower.

Common Timing Protocol for Multi-Vendor Equipment Environments

The WORP Sync technology provides the benefits described above in greenfield deployments -- new deployments of just Proxim radios. However, Proxim realizes that network operators who previously deployed radios from a different vendor often want to switch to Proxim radios. Deploying Proxim radios in a network that uses equipment from other vendors can lead to interference between the two brands of equipment with resulting decline in overall network performance.

Therefore, rather than introduce just a GPS synchronized product, Proxim went to the next level to provide even more choices and benefits to existing network operators. Proxim's WORP Sync technology also includes Proxim's CTP enabling Proxim's WORP Sync-enabled BSUs and PtP radios to be deployed within a network that uses certain equipment from other vendors without interfering with the previously deployed equipment.

Proxim's WORP Sync technology accomplishes this task by duplicating the GPS timing of third party wireless BSUs, allowing Proxim PtMP BSUs and subscriber units (SUs) and PtP radios to be co-located within a network currently using other vendors' BSUs and SUs even though the different platforms do not communicate with each other. This initial release of WORP Sync technology includes this CTP network synchronization technology feature for the current versions of Cambium's GPS-sync enabled solutions -- the Cambium 100, 430, and 450 products. Proxim is currently working to expand its CTP network synchronization technology to include Cambium's recently released ePMP products and may include additional products in the future. 

This added CTP benefit allows an operator more flexibility in deploying new networks, but particularly in expanding existing Cambium networks where Proxim gear can now support higher throughputs, without interfering with currently deployed base station radios and subscriber units.

Reaction from Key Customer Segment - Wireless ISPs

Proxim primarily designed its WORP Sync technology for its wireless ISP market. WORP Sync from a business standpoint is expected to be of great benefit as it will allow wireless ISPs to "pack" many more radios on a cell site thereby reducing the number of towers needed and related spiraling costs of tower rentals. In addition to that, wireless ISPs with the help of WORP Sync-enabled radios can gracefully scale as more and more radios can be deployed to enable reliable connectivity without significantly increasing interference and latency. Reliable performance improves customer satisfaction, reduces maintenance costs, and allows wireless ISPs more time to focus on core business activities of acquiring new subscribers, extending coverage area, and offering new value-added services.

Reaction from Proxim's wireless ISP customers has been positive. 

"When we discovered the ability for the Proxim equipment to synchronize transmissions with our other base stations, we decided to put it to the test. So, we set up a test and were very pleased to find that it worked -- it actually synchronized well with both the Cambium PMP450 and ePMP," said Paul Lambert, Engineering Manager JAB Wireless.

Comment from Proxim

"We wanted to continue our history of developing our WORP technology to enable real-work advantages and choices for our customers. While I am proud of our introduction of a GPS synchronized wireless communications platform, I am very proud of our Common Timing Protocol enabling our products to co-exist within third party vendor networks. Now network operators can begin to enjoy the benefits of synchronized multi-vendor networks. While of course other vendors could change their products to prevent this peaceful co-existence, we don't believe that is in the best interests of network operators so trust these changes will not occur. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this peaceful co-existence issue with other vendors to continue to expand the choices available for network operators," said Lee Gopadze, President & CEO, Proxim Wireless.

Pricing and Availability

The WORP Sync feature is available on WORP Sync ready Tsunami® 82x0-G and 82x series via free (until December 31, 2014) software upgrade, with upgrading often available via Proxim's Over the Air (OTA) protocol. WORP Sync ready Tsunami® 82x0-G and 82x series radios are also now available for purchase via Proxim's authorized distributors and value added resellers. For pricing information, kindly contact your local Reseller or Distributor. Additional information about this product or any Proxim's other products can be found at or by contacting

Webinar on September 18, 2014

Proxim will be hosting a webinar to discuss the new WORP Sync technology on Thursday, September 18, 2014 starting at 8:00 am PDT. Information about this webinar can be found HERE.

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