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August 20, 2015 08:00 ET

Proxim Wireless Announces ProximVision Advanced (PVA)

An Advanced Cloud Based Carrier Management System + WLAN Controller

SILICON VALLEY, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 20, 2015) - Proxim Wireless Corporation (OTC PINK: PRXM), a pioneer and global leader in advanced Wi-Fi, point to point (PtP), and point to multipoint (PtMP) radio systems, is launching a management system that combines carrier-class Network Management Systems (NMS) and Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) controllers in ProximVision Advanced (PVA). PVA will be available starting September 15, 2015.

While the wireless network infrastructure industry is focused on pushing Network function Virtualization (NfV) and Software Defined Network (SDN) solutions to the Radio Access Network (RAN), these technologies have struggled to break free from the data center applications they were initially targeting. With PVA, Proxim takes the next step in network management and control providing seamless command over a Heterogeneous Network (Het Net) RAN deployment in a single cutting-edge software platform. This groundbreaking solution provides detailed fault reporting, configuration, administration, and provisioning support for all Proxim radio products including Wi-Fi access points, backhaul links, and point to multipoint solutions.

As demand for broadband anywhere anytime accelerates, numerous wireless technologies are being deployed to meet these needs. This inherently involves multiple RAN technologies from Wi-Fi to LTE to licensed microwave to Proxim's proprietary WORP® technology. Running these complex heterogeneous RANs with multiple frequencies, power levels, and applications demands a solution that until today was a mixture of several disparate systems (such as NMS and WLAN controllers). Applications such as backhauling Wi-Fi traffic from moving transport systems -- trains, buses, cars, and ferries - by necessity involve at least two radio technologies and sometimes more. Each of these RANs comes with their own management system. With PVA, every Proxim network element is managed under a single system ensuring seamless integration and control.

PVA includes common controller features such as:

  • Topology Maps - a visual representation of the network.
  • Bulk Upgrades - perform software updates for all network elements in a single keystroke.
  • Bulk Configuration and Profiles - easily apply a configuration to all devices at network launch as well as to new network elements as they are added.
  • License upgrades and inventory control - maintain detailed accounting of what has been deployed and where applicable upgrade any license-based features/capabilities.

In addition to these more typical features, PVA also includes the critical feature support a carrier deploying Het Net systems requires:

  • Redundancy - With ever-expanding networks, it is critical for network managers that the management system has high availability. PVA removes the management system as a single point of failure by supporting redundant servers and databases.
  • North Bound Interface - PVA includes a full REST API implementation allowing customers to define precisely the interface between PVA and higher level NMS or back office systems.
  • Cloud Based - Customers have the option to deploy PVA on a dedicated server or if desired through PVA's cloud support.
  • 10K Nodes - The initial release of PVA supports up to 10,000 nodes per server/cloud instantiation. Higher node support can be accomplished by deploying multiple versions of PVA across the network geography.

"As wireless and Het Net RAN deployments in particular continue to outstrip industry expectations, carrier and enterprise customers are finding themselves struggling to juggle multiple systems for management and control of their networks," stated Greg Marzullo, President and CEO, Proxim Wireless. "With PVA, Proxim redefines the NMS/WLAN controller landscape with a hybrid solution today to deliver what our customers need for tomorrow. PVA has been architected to lead the way in simplifying, cost reducing, and easing operational challenges for the highly complex Het Nets being deployed."

With the release of PVA, Proxim continues to push the boundaries of technology to deliver solutions its customers need. As Het Net deployments accelerate, Proxim will continue to lead the industry with cutting-edge solutions. Contact your local Proxim representative today for more information.

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