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September 16, 2015 10:36 ET

Proyog Announces 108 "Proyogis" Gifting Campaign - Invites Studio Owners, Yoga Teachers and Bloggers to Receive Gift of Naturally-Breathable Yoga Wear

Proyog Launches Four New Yoga Wear Styles as Part of Campaign

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 16, 2015) -  In celebration of its launch and newly unveiled naturally breathable, non-synthetic yoga wear for women designed for serious practitioners, Proyog today announced a special 108 "Proyogis" gifting campaign. In honor of National Yoga Month, Proyog will give the gift of Proyog apparel to a chosen and special group of 108 studio owners, yoga teachers and yoga influencers. As part of the campaign, Proyog is also launching four new styles, bringing their latest catalog to a 12-style collection. 

Proyog is the world's first yoga wear line that stays true to yoga -- where synthetics never touch the skin and garments never compress the body. Proyog blends thousand-year-old designs with 21st century fabrics and technology. The result is organic cotton yoga wear supported by core-spun technology and modal blend that are so comfortable that yogis wearing them can hardly feel their presence.

"Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline -- and as such, the kind of clothes we wear can make a huge difference," said Malika Baruah, co-founder of Proyog. "With yoga's emphasis on breath and breathing, the benefits of wearing non-synthetic, breathable cotton are multifaceted, having a deep beneficial impact on the body, mind and spirit," said Malika Baruah, co-founder of Proyog.

A 2015 Greenpeace report found that sportswear from major brands contained known hazardous chemicals, like Phthalates, PFCs, Dimethylformamide (DMF), Nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), and Nonylphenols (NPs). Nylon and polyester garments are essentially made of PET/plastic (polyethylene terephthalate).

"If Yoga is the embodiment of all that is natural, organic and true, where does plastic fit in the practice? Yet, 95% of North American practitioners don't know they are wearing synthetic materials. The sacred number 108 in Yoga underscores Proyog's commitment to encourage the use of non-synthetic yoga wear -- clothes that deepens and enhances the practice," she said.

Proyog's four new yoga wear styles include the Mala Comfort Tee, Trikon High Low Hem, Tee, Vayu Relaxed Capri Pant, and Vriksh Fold Over Waist Pant. The color palette of these garments is rich, earthly and calming, rather than fluorescent and psychedelic. The new styles join the current 8-style collection, which includes styles new to the western yoga world and inspired by centuries-old yoga attire -- the Padma shorts (designed specifically for Iyengar Yoga practitioners), Dhoti pants, Dhoti shorts and the Katori tank.

How to Receive the Gift of Proyog
To sign up to become one of Proyog's first 108 "Proyogis" and receive access to the new styles, studio owners, yoga teachers and notable influencers are invited to visit to fill in a simple form and receive their exclusive code for a free product.

About Proyog
Founded in 2015 and launched on the first International Day of Yoga, Proyog is the world's first true yoga wear. It has taken designs from ancient India and recreated them using cutting-edge technology to make them relevant to the present-day practice of yoga. Proyog's yoga wear line for women is created for serious practitioners around the world. Proyog is designed, manufactured and marketed by Bangalore-based company IKA Yoga Wear Pvt. Ltd.

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