July 18, 2012 10:23 ET

PRQA Comes Out on Top in Independent Assessment of Static Analysis Tools for MISRA Compliancy

QA-C tool excels when benchmarked against eight commercial tools

HERSHAM, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - July 18, 2012) - PRQA \ Programming Research (, a global leader in static analysis, is proud to announce that QA-C has surpassed all others in an independent comparative study of MISRA-C compliancy checking tools.

The final report from TERA-Labs, published 9th May by a research division of the Karel de Grote University College, details the results of the study, clearly indicating that QA-C obtained the maximum score available in nearly all categories, and came out as the leading tool overall.

The goal of the research, carried out over a 22 month period, was to assess how well software tools enforce the MISRA-C coding rules by presenting each tool with a series of test cases ("probes") which contained deliberate and specific MISRA-C:2004 coding rule violations.

In conjunction with a panel of industrial partners TERA-Labs selected a representative sample of MISRA-C rules, and assessed the effectiveness of eight key commercial tools in finding these violations to these rules. In particular they benchmarked each tool's performance in respect to false positives (noise) and false negatives (missed non-compliances).

Paul Blundell, CEO of PRQA stated "We are delighted that the performance of QA-C was rated so highly and was shown to be the best of all the tools tested - successfully identifying all rule violations, finding important material defects that other tools missed and without generating false positives / noise."

Dr Marijn Temmerman from TERA-Labs observed, "On paper all the selected tools claimed to provide comprehensive MISRA-C compliance checking - but the reality was different."

QA-C is a mature software tool-chain dedicated to extraction and resolution of static analysis bugs and coding non-compliances across the spectrum of C language vulnerabilities and coding issues, with special emphasis on the MISRA-C coding rule sets which have been adopted across many industries engaged in embedded or system software.

The full 80 page research study is available at
and a ten page summary of the full research is now available at

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