Calgary Parking Authority

Calgary Parking Authority

May 23, 2012 13:45 ET

PSA: CPA Reminds Calgarians How to Park Their RVs

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - May 23, 2012) - Each spring and summer, the Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) receives a number of complaints on how recreational vehicles (RVs) are being parked in residential neighbourhoods across Calgary. To maintain the expected community standards of Calgarians, the RV bylaw (section 17 of the Calgary Traffic Bylaw 26M96) was recently amended to allow enhanced enforcement of RVs by the CPA. The amendment allows location and time duration infractions to be enforced separately.

"Our main goal is to ensure RV owners are aware of the rules and comply," said Manager of Enforcement, Miles Dyck. "This bylaw amendment will help provide clarity to RV owners and reduce the number of complaints from Calgarians about RVs parked on public roadways."

On average, 300 tags are issued each year to owners of improperly parked RVs. Fines for failing to comply with the RV bylaw begin at $40 if paid within 10 days and range to $75 if paid after 30 days. There is a fine provision for hazardous parking of RV's of up to $160 but there has not been a need to issue any tags in 2011 for this activity.

To comply with the bylaw and be courteous to your neighbours, the CPA encourages RV owners to follow these tips:

  • You can park your RV directly in front of your home or on an alley or street immediately adjoining your home for up to 36 hours. After 36 hours, the RV must be off-street for at least 48 consecutive hours before it can be parked in the same location again.
  • Be courteous to your neighbor and avoid parking in front of their home.
  • Be courteous to your neighbor, please do not restrict access to private property at any time.
  • Please do not park your trailer or camper on city streets or alleys unless they are attached to a towing vehicle.
  • An alley must be 6.1 m wide at any point to allow for RV parking. If it is less than 6.1 m wide, no parking is allowed.
  • Keep in mind other special rules for alley parking including not parking across from, in front of, or within 1.5 m of a driveway or garage and keep at least 3 m of the width of the alley clear.
  • Keep your vehicle registration current, including license plate and insurance.

For more information on RV parking, visit The full Calgary Traffic Bylaw is available at

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