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February 05, 2014 09:34 ET

PSA Misconceptions Debunked in Newly Released 2013 Market Analysis

Connect360 Findings Show 75 Percent of PSAs Air During Waking Hours With 25 Percent of Airings in Major Markets

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Feb 5, 2014) - Connect360 Multimedia, a PR company specializing in public service announcement (PSA) marketing to broadcast stations, released its 2013 analysis of hundreds of thousands of PSA airings that sets the record straight on a couple of common misconceptions. Data collected July-December 2013 proves the vast majority of PSA airings occur during the waking hours of 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. and that a good portion of PSAs -- 25 percent -- air in major markets like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Dallas. These results dispel popular myths that PSAs are relegated to smaller market stations or overnight hours while people are sleeping.

"It's a powerful indication of the kind of visibility nonprofits can get with a PSA when you see the high volume of airings during day parts while most consumers are watching TV or listening to the radio," said Annette I. Minkalis, partner and executive vice president at Connect360. "Naysayers who believe PSAs are relegated to air in the overnight hours should take note."

Highlights from the analysis shows:

  • Waking hour airings: 74 percent of television PSA airings and 63 percent of radio PSA airings occurred during waking day parts.

  • Prime airings: 15 percent of television PSA airings occurred between fringe and prime time (with 4 percent occurring during prime time) and a total of 40 percent of radio airings occurred during morning and evening drive, the television equivalent of prime time.

  • In addition, more than two-thirds of the television and radio PSA airings occurred in top 100 key markets with a quarter of the airings (27 percent of television airings and 23 percent of radio airings) occurring in coveted top 25 markets.

"We are very pleased that so many stations in the top markets are airing PSAs, especially since these outlets are among the most sought after for paid advertising," said Ivette Achong, vice president of PSA Services at Connect360. "Overall, these results demonstrate how public service campaigns can achieve success and help nonprofits reach a wide range of audiences across the country."

The analysis included an examination of more than 350,000 television airings and nearly 500,000 radio airings from July 2013, the opening of Connect360, through December 2013. The company, founded by four former WestGlen Communications colleagues, came together this summer after WestGlen filed for bankruptcy.

The full analysis is included below. For more information on the Connect360 Multimedia PSA airings analysis, please visit

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About Connect360 Multimedia
Based in New York, Connect360 is a multimedia PR company specializing in connecting brands, nonprofits and causes to target audiences through strategic public service announcements, digital, social media and broadcast campaigns. Formed by seasoned industry leaders with an average of 30 years experience, the senior management team has led the charge in creating effective programs tailored to match client campaign goals. A socially responsible company, Connect360 is committed to providing high quality relationships and service for its client, employees and partners.

Television Day Parts   

Early Morning 5:00AM - 8:59AM 20%
Daytime 9:00AM - 3:59PM 27%
Early Fringe 4:00PM - 7:59PM 11%
Prime Time 8:00PM - 9:59PM 4%
Late Evening 10:00PM - 12:59PM 12%
Late Night 1:00AM - 4:59AM 26%

Radio Day Parts 

Morning Drive 6:00AM - 9:59AM 16%
Mid-Day 10:00AM - 2:59PM 11%
Evening Drive 3:00PM - 6:59PM 24%
Late Night 7:00PM - 11:59PM 12%
Overnight 12:00AM - 5:59AM 37%

Market Rank 

  TV Radio
National 9% 0%
Markets 1-10 12% 9%
Markets 11-25 15% 14%
Markets 26-50 12% 10%
Markets 51-75 9% 22%
Markets 76-100 8% 20%
Markets 101-150 18% 17%
Markets 151-210+ 17% 8%

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