SOURCE: Psigenics Corporation

July 27, 2006 17:28 ET

Psigenics Corporation Files Patents, Releases Product for Mind-Controlled Technology

Devices Respond Directly to Mental Intention Without Any Electrical Connection

ROSWELL, NM -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 27, 2006 -- Psigenics Corporation today announced unrestricted availability of its PsiTrainer™ PC. PsiTrainer software is designed as a training tool and as a demonstration platform for Psigenics' revolutionary Psycho-Responsive™ Technology. This technology uses advanced principals of quantum mechanics and signal processing in devices that can produce scientifically objective responses to mental intention or other influences of mind.

Devices based on Psycho-Responsive Technology can be used in a wide variety of Machine-Enhanced Anomalous Cognition applications. These include mind-controlled games, interfaces for enabling the handicapped, mind-enhanced computation, information gathering of all types, enhancing accuracy of future event prediction, mind-machine interfacing, lie detection and secure communications.

Typical "Mind Interface" or "Brain Interface" devices use electrodes to measure brainwaves or other physiological signals, and then transmit them to a processing interface or computer for use. A distinguishing feature of Psigenics Psycho-Responsive Devices (PRDs) is that there is no electrical or other connection to the user. Also, the user need not be physically near the PRD for the device to function properly.

Psigenics has filed comprehensive US and PCT patent applications covering its pioneering Psycho-Responsive Technology. Psigenics has also acquired exclusive licenses to other patented IP necessary to market its technology, equipment and services. Psigenics will maintain a commanding position in this significant emerging market through its advantages in IP, product development and technical know-how.

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Psigenics Corporation was formed to develop the important new technology of Psycho-Responsive Devices, encourage development and research through partnerships and licensing, and introduce a number of exciting products using their technology. For additional information or to download the free PsiTrainer PC trail program, visit our website at

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