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Psigenics Corporation

April 07, 2015 09:50 ET

Psigenics Corporation Launches Mind-Enabled Technology -- Future IT Now

Question Answering System Responding Directly to Mental Focus Yields Non-Inferable Information

GAINESVILLE, FL--(Marketwired - Apr 7, 2015) - Psigenics Corporation today launched its new website featuring a training program and demonstration applications utilizing Mind Enabled Technology™. The technology, ME Tech for short, utilizes interaction of focused mental intention with hardware designed to measure a type of quantum entanglement produced with the desired information. Bayesian analysis takes bits of information gathered from repeated measurements to build most probable answers to more complex questions, while estimating the likelihood the answer is correct.

Unlike all previous information technologies and question answering systems in particular, the desired information does not have to be contained in databases or accessible from the Internet. Nor does it have to be inferable from information contained in any of these data sources. Mind Enabled Technology, which is a combination of patented hardware and special user interfaces, provides objective output associated with the desired information without access to any specific information source.

ME Tech can also be used as a unique way of inputting information into a game to affect game-play and the player's overall game experience. In addition to the traditional joystick, camera, accelerometer or other sensors, a completely connection-free input can affect the outcome of events that would normally be controlled by random selection. Games could be built around the technology that do not require absolute control of every parameter, but use a measured shift in probability from moment to moment.

ME Tech has been quietly under development for many years backed by substantial investment. Psigenics currently has two issued U.S. patents directly covering the fundamental principles with several U.S. and international patents pending. In addition Psigenics owns 5 U.S. patents for supporting technology. Psigenics has already established an overwhelming foothold in Intellectual Property and demonstrated capability to mass-produce specialized hardware.

Mind Enabled Technology will initially be made available only through an online subscription. Users must create a free account on the website and subscribe to the Service that connects them exclusively to a Mind Enabled Device. The ME Trainer application allows users to practice, monitor and improve their skill level. They can compare their scores to other users' scores and abilities, and compete in a promotional skill-based contest for cash prizes. Once a degree of skill is achieved, other demonstration programs may be used.

Subscription fees will not be charged during our website introductory launch so all registered users have unlimited access to all features of the site.

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