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Psion Teklogix Inc.

March 30, 2005 09:53 ET

Psion Teklogix and Anyware Mobile Solutions Help Food Manufacturers Better Track Safety Seals On Containers Carrying Raw Materials




MARCH 30, 2005 - 09:53 ET

Psion Teklogix and Anyware Mobile Solutions Help Food
Manufacturers Better Track Safety Seals On Containers
Carrying Raw Materials

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - March 30, 2005) -

SealTrac™ solution helps Base Inc. increase safety seal tracking
accuracy, and save costs in supplying shipments of corn syrup to major
soft drink manufacturers and the 2004 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality
Award Winner The Bama Companies, Inc.

Psion Teklogix, (LSE:PON), a global provider of solutions for mobile
computing, wireless data collection and RFID, and Anyware Mobile
Solutions, a leading provider of mobile application solutions, are
working together to deliver a new automated system for tracking safety
seal numbers on product containers used for transporting and
distributing raw materials to manufacturers. Base Inc. is one of the
first customers to use the SealTrac solution to track and record
approximately 60,000 seal numbers on shipments of corn syrup, which it
supplies to major soft drink manufacturers, as well as to its parent
company The Bama Companies Inc., an international maker of frozen bakery
products and pizza crust dough for restaurant chains.

With compliance to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's 2002
Bioterrorism Act on the horizon, companies will soon be required to keep
strict records of all internal processes relating to the shipping and
receiving of food. The joint SealTrac solution helps with this
compliancy by providing additional security and automated tracking
capabilities to protect food commodities from tampering, and by creating
product lot traceability from supplier to customer.

The SealTrac solution uses Psion Teklogix' 7535 or WORKABOUT PRO
hand-held computers to automate the tracking and data entry processes
involved in monitoring security seals affixed to various contact points
on rail cars, hoses, tanks, totes, truck trailers and other user-defined
contact points.

"We've worked with a number of hardware providers, but our relationship
with Psion Teklogix is strategic because of the markets they serve and
the high quality of their devices," said Chris Kingham, director of
marketing, Anyware Mobile Solutions. "The Base deployment of SealTrac
shows how crucial it is to use rugged hand-held computers with the
application - operators are climbing on top of truck trailers and
railcars in all types of weather to get data readings."

Previously, Base Inc. used a paper-based system which was highly time
consuming, inefficient and error prone. Incorrect seal numbers on a load
of corn syrup can result in the product being rejected by the recipient
and sent back for testing - an expensive process that can cost up to
US$25,000 per incident, depending on the situation.

"We use approximately 60,000 seals a year, and if you have to check
60,000 seals three times, there is a lot of labor involved and margin
for error," said Jim Youngblood, general manager, Base Inc. "The
SealTrac solution will help us reduce these expensive errors, as well as
our labor costs and the time it takes to process products."

With SealTrac, barcode labels are attached to each contact point where
product can be accessed and possibly contaminated, and then scanned with
Psion Teklogix 7535 or WORKABOUT PRO hand-held computers, to verify the
placement and removal of the safety seals. Psion Teklogix' rugged mobile
computing devices enable information to be captured directly from the
barcode on the seal without the risk of manual errors. As well,
real-time wireless information flow from the Psion Teklogix hand-held
devices to a central Seal Log database allows immediate reporting on the
status of a shipment.

"Quality control and product safety issues are top concerns for the food
manufacturing industry," said Rob Douglas, president, Psion Teklogix
Americas. "We are excited to be working with Anyware Mobile Solutions to
provide customers with an alternative to a paper-based system that will
help them better track safety seals and increase worker productivity,
while providing the visibility that businesses demand."

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