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July 07, 2010 09:00 ET

PSS Systems Provides Integration With IBM for Legal Hold Policy and Execution for Rigorous, Proactive eDiscovery

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - July 7, 2010) -  PSS Systems, the leading provider of Information Governance solutions, today announced the seamless integration of IBM's eDiscovery and early case assessment system with PSS Systems' Atlas eDiscovery and legal hold workflow system.

Discovery risk is heavily concentrated in how effectively the legal department can engage with the people who have and manage data -- from scoping and determining the custodians and sources, to implementing the hold, to initial and subsequent collections. All of these activities, for efficacy and efficiency, require a unified Legal and IT approach to manage holds, scope more precisely, predict discovery costs from day one, streamline collections, eliminate discovery on discovery, avoid settlement driven by process crises, and review and produce less data. 

IBM and PSS Systems' integrated solution empowers legal and IT departments to achieve speedy, rigorous and cost effective discovery, improve legal process integrity and IT productivity. When combined with IBM and PSS Systems' enterprise retention management capabilities, joint customers of the IBM PSS Information Governance Solution can achieve and automate the defensible disposal of data.

"PSS Systems Atlas Suite, which is designed to enable corporations to implement and automate legally defensible retention and legal holds operations, has achieved significant customer uptake and enjoys real customer loyalty," says Vivian Tero, senior research analyst for Compliance Infrastructure, IDC.

IBM and PSS Systems have also been rated "Positive" in Gartner's latest MarketScope for eDiscovery Software Vendors.

The Integrated eDiscovery Solution from IBM and PSS Systems

With the new Atlas Compliance Automation connector for IBM eDiscovery Manager to be released this summer, attorneys can define who and what must be placed on legal hold in Atlas, which then automatically propagates these parameters to IBM's eDiscovery Manager. Real time legal holds on emails can be applied at the data source to reduce legal risk, while automating the audit trail and increasing IT and legal productivity. By leveraging Atlas with IBM's eDiscovery Analyzer, attorneys can also assess risk and cost early in the case lifecycle to avoid over-collection and over-production of data.

"By implementing Atlas, we've been able to reduce risk and costs while driving a better process for legal holds across the company. As the established standard and with its strong focus on customers, PSS Systems was the clear choice for BASF Corporation," said David Stryker, General Counsel BASF Corporation.

The integrated IBM PSS solutions can enable customers to achieve both rigorous discovery and defensible disposal with:

  • Automated hold in place: Legal departments can define email hold scope parameters in Atlas (e.g., custodians, date range, asset, system, keywords) that are automatically propagated to IBM eDiscovery Manager via the Atlas connector. This eliminates the need for manual population of custodian and hold information, thereby reducing risk of spoliation, error or oversight. The automated, comprehensive audit trail reduces the burden on legal and IT to keep a complete record of their efforts.
  • Seamless legal hold to case assessment process: Custodian and case information is automatically populated from Atlas to eDiscovery Manager, and legal staff use IBM eDiscovery Analyzer to assess risk and gain an early insight on the case, refine their legal holds and case strategies, and tie discovery approach and costs to likely outcomes. Legal can quickly cull irrelevant data to reduce the cost of legal review and third party hosting fees.
  • Enhanced IT productivity for legal hold: Communication of discovery requirements and facts between legal staff is streamlined and work in process is visible and transparent to both stakeholders with shared collection consoles, transparent delegation workflow, automatic action item assignments, alerts, and instant look-up of holds and collections by custodian and data source. The solution eliminates the risks associated with 'dropped' preservation activities, manual logging and double tracking between Legal and IT, duplicate collections and inadvertent disposal of data on hold, thereby making it easy for IT to manage both compliance and data.
  • Enablement of defensible disposal: Routine disposal of information is possible with the linkage of legal holds to relevant information sources, data source-specific retention schedules and the Atlas IT governance console, which gives IT transparency to legal obligations and information value by asset. IBM content classification, content collection and records management solutions enable IT organizations to then efficiently execute and enforce legal holds and information retention, and dispose of data when it is not subject to legal obligation and has no business value.

"The strategic integration by PSS Systems with IBM eDiscovery Manager helps organizations build a proactive approach for rigorous discovery and defensible disposal as part of Information Governance policies," said Ken Bisconti, vice president, products and strategy, IBM Enterprise Content Management.

"IBM has a very long history of innovation in search and analytics, and their eDiscovery Analyzer solution offers counsel a very intuitive means of understanding patterns of behavior, sequences of events, and conversation trends that can help quickly assess the merits of claims and defenses," said Deidre Paknad, President and CEO of PSS Systems. "Not only will their many customers find this solution a perfect fit, all companies that want a seamless solution from opening of a legal hold to disposition of evidence will find this integrated offering very compelling." 

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PSS Systems helps companies eliminate unnecessary legal risk, and discovery and data management costs. Its Atlas Suite is the recognized leader in information governance providing integrated software solutions for legal holds, discovery workflow, regulatory compliance and data governance for customers like Abbott, BASF, BP, Citigroup, ConocoPhillips, First Data, GE, Pfizer and Williams. PSS is the innovator that started the legal holds market in 2004 and has the largest concentration of customers and domain experts anywhere. PSS is a trusted business partner to its customers, offering expert insight, best-in-class software, and continuous innovation to address emerging challenges. PSS founded and sponsors the CGOC as a part of its commitment to advancing corporate retention and preservation practices. The company is based in Mountain View, California. For more information, visit

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