August 24, 2005 09:00 ET

PsychTests Launches MatchScale, the Blueprint for Compatibility

MONTREAL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 24, 2005 -- After 10 years of developing psychological assessments for web-surfers and businesses around the world, and with some 200 scientifically valid assessments under the belt, PsychTests has unveiled its latest high-tech offering, MatchScale. This unique and exhaustive web-based compatibility testing system is destined to have a major influence in online dating, relationship counseling and pre-marital assessments.

Most dating sites offer demographic matching to their members, suggesting potential romantic partners based on their age, hair color, hobbies and the like. While such criteria are important for filtering possible matches, they are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to figuring out the couple's long-term satisfaction. Numerous studies have shown that the success of a relationship depends mostly on the couples' personalities, communication styles and values.

MatchScale brings online matchmaking and compatibility assessment to an entirely new level. Using the most recent and reliable research as their foundation, PsychTests has designed an in-depth questionnaire that gets to the heart of what makes a relationship work.

"We wanted to create a test that would give people the tools they need to understand themselves as well as their relationship dynamics," says Ilona Jerabek, Ph.D., president of PsychTests.

MatchScale is PsychTests' most comprehensive assessment to date. Created by an experienced team of psychologists and artificial intelligence experts who have previously developed a compatibility test for one of the net's top dating sites, it analyzes more attributes than any other test designed for matching couples. From conflict resolution styles to need for space, the test measures over 150 attributes that factor into short- and long-term relationship satisfaction.

This innovative system is currently available to dating websites and relationship counselors. MatchScale users can improve their understanding of how their personalities affect their satisfaction in a relationship, and take a sneak peek at the likely dynamics of a potential match.

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Plumeus, re-branded PsychTests in 2005, has been a pioneer in online testing since 1996. From their top-rated personal testing site, Queendom, to ARCH Profile, a tool for human resource managers, the possible uses for their accurate and entertaining tests seem endless. The combination of precise psychological measurements and cutting-edge computer technology has driven a new industry with mass appeal.

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