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H-Mac Systems, Inc.

February 08, 2011 05:00 ET

PTAC Unit Sizer and Selection Wizard Helps Consumers Choose the Right PTAC for Their Application

PTAC Cooling Calculator and Selection Wizard Takes the Guesswork out of PTAC Unit Sizing

SOUTHBOROUGH, MA--(Marketwire - February 8, 2011) -

News Facts

  • Anxious to choose the proper size and model PTAC unit, consumers have flocked to the PTAC Unit Selection Wizard, invented by H-Mac Systems, a PTAC unit distributor.
  • The PTAC unit selection wizard combined with the PTAC cooling calculator gives users all the tools they need to choose the perfect unit for their application. These tools are designed to help consumers understand which PTAC unit will deliver the proper amount of heating and cooling. 
  • In addition to these handy tools, the Ultimate PTAC website offers a detailed F.A.Q. section that includes answers to questions that H-Mac's PTAC unit professionals have been fielding for decades. 

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Use this link to access the Ultimate PTAC Website.

Quote, attributable to Kevin McErlean, H-Mac Systems, Inc.
"We built the Ultimate PTAC Website around an internal database that was used to help field questions from customers. We decided it was time to pool our knowledge and develop a simple website that was easy for customers to navigate."

Quote, attributable to Jon Haher, H-Mac Systems, Inc.
"The idea for the PTAC cooling calculator came from what was originally a manual process for sizing PTAC units. Everyone's natural instinct is to oversize heating and cooling equipment. Studies have proven how critical it is to properly size a heating and cooling unit. A properly sized unit will create a more comfortable environment and also lower your operating and maintenance costs. The Ultimate PTAC website gives consumers the ability to educate themselves before making a purchasing decision."

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H-Mac Systems, Inc. is a commercial HVAC distributor offering low prices and free shipping on PTAC air conditioners, fans, unit heaters, replacement coils and spot coolers. With tools to quickly and easily choose and price products, H-Mac Systems is the best way for commercial and industrial buyers to select and purchase heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment. Based in Southborough, MA, H-Mac Systems can be found online at and the PTAC Unit Selection Wizard is available at

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