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PTS Inc.

June 13, 2012 10:59 ET

PTS, Inc. (PTSH) Share Price Volatility & Fluctuation Statement

CEO Discusses New IR, No Dilution, Navistar Restructuring, Merger

HENDERSON, NEVADA--(Marketwire - June 13, 2012) - PTS Inc. (PINKSHEETS:PTSH) subsidiary Navistar Global Logistics (UK) Ltd (Navistar) CEO John O'Brian is providing the following update to its shareholders and followers.

Mr. John O'Brian said "On behalf of PTSH, the management and our key personnel, we have been asked to make a public comment by many of PTSH shareholders regarding PTSH share price volatility and fluctuation. We are no experts in this field and this is our opinion only. We are relatively new to the public arena. We do not monitor our share price, the Internet chat boards nor do we in any way contribute to its trading patterns of PTSH in any manner what so ever. We would not know what to do one way or another. To our long term shareholders and particularly PTSH large German following we express our gratitude for all your suggestions; however we ask that those be directed to our internal Investor Relations Department (IR) and not to our corporate staff as our IR is most qualified to handle your concerns. We require our other staff to focus on delivering good quality service to our customers and client base.

Prior to Navistar merger with PTSH we were made aware that PTSH was an OTCBB reporting company and was unable to keep that status due to its financial duress. We were made aware of many disgruntle shareholders who were simply fed up with the ex-management day to day operations. Henceforth PTSH was downgraded to Pink Sheets or OTC Markets as it's currently referred to. We are mindful that the old PTSH shareholders invested in a medical software company (MSC) and that Navistar logistics business model is as different as night and day from the MSC model. We cannot comment on what the ex-management did or did not do, and we do not see how being a Monday morning quarterback can advance Navistar or PTSH positions today.

PTSH and Navistar have filed our Adequate Disclosure documentation with OTC Markets. All of the information in that report is current.

I also want to use this opportunity to address and quash various rumors, theories and innuendos that have been presented to us here at PTSH. There is no debt conversion of any sort going on. All the PTSH debts and obligations were settled and or resolved concurrent with the reverse split of March 2011 with the proceeds of the accredited investor. Our focus is entirely dedicated to running our logistics business and nothing else. I can say with definite clarity and conviction that the company is not engaged in any sort of dilution, toxic financing or otherwise. Other than shares which were issued to Navistar for the merger with PTSH, and to the accredited investor who assisted PTSH in its times of trouble last year before our merger, to the best of our knowledge and records no other shares were issued in PTSH. We have been inundated with questions and suspicions that our prior M&A and IR firm, (Mina Mar Group - MMG) is selling shares, is listed for sale, and the speculation that they are going bankrupt and doing a "fire sale".

To the best of our knowledge and according to the corporate records there is no shares issued to them. There is nothing in our contract that prohibits them from making a sale of their divisions or their company in whole or in part. While they do have a large following and their exit from retail IR services may have swayed some or caused concern to others, we see this as of no concern to the well-being of PTSH moving forward. Regarding any suspicions that the MMG firm is going bankrupt we have seen no evidence of that whatsoever. Quite contrary, in fact their financial records are quite impressive as far as we can tell. Prior to us entrusting Navistar to anyone we personally met with the principals in their Toronto head office on several occasions. We conducted our due diligence and what we saw was a well properly run organization, well capitalized, experienced, knowledgeable and one that guards and values their name and reputation vigorously, tirelessly and spares no expense in doing so. We are aware of certain lawsuits and judgments they have secured against chat and message boards that allow slanderous and misleading information to flourish while factual good information on our business activates is deleted, such as that which occurred with PTSH on or about June 11 2012.

We are also aware of their ambition and aspirations to enforce their judgments and we are also advised that they are in the process of filing a prayer for relief as a Plaintiff here in UK which may include PTSH as an effected co-Plaintiff. Once that occurs and to the extent that it effects PTSH we will be making OTC Markets filings. Whist they no longer conduct our retail IR support we as a company do not believe in "burning our bridges behind us". We hold MMG in high regard and respect. We do consult with them on corporate matters and matters of a pending merger which we previously announced. Those talks are continuing and all aspects of trade, debt, taxes are being taken into consideration and evaluation before PTSH can move further. We are making good progress. Again, none of this in our mind has any bearing on PTSH share volatility and as this is worth repeating, we ask our followers to review our Adequate Disclosure documentation with OTC Markets.

The management of PTSH and Navistar remains committed to the long term growth of the Company.

We recently released our Semi Annual report and our entity in USA and an automotive deal. PTSH management sees no reason to panic or over react. We will continue to focus on our business and report our business activities. This is our #1 priority.

More business updates will follow on a timely basis.

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