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October 21, 2010 21:52 ET

Puar maintains integrity and says Palleschi must release donor list

“Let people judge for themselves,” says Puar

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, Government/Political Affairs Editor BRAMPTON, ONTARIO, NEWS RELEASE--(Marketwire - Oct. 21, 2010) - Dal Singh Puar, Regional Council candidate for Brampton wards 2 & 6, denounced statements made by Paul Palleschi today, saying Palleschi is distorting the truth. According to Puar, "Palleschi is again playing the blame game."

"The truth, which Palleschi refuses to accept, is that unlike him, I have never accepted money from developers," said Puar. "Furthermore, unlike Palleschi, I have published my full list of campaign donors on my website which he refuses to do."

"I challenge Palleschi to release his list and compare it to mine. Let's see who accepts development industry money," Puar said. "At the end of the day voters in this community will know who stands up for their interests and who stands up for developers."

Puar has been very outspoken about Palleschi's campaign donations which largely consist of developers and consultants doing business with the City of Brampton. Puar has gone as far as publishing Palleschi's signed affirmation from the 2006 elections, that list his donor's list; a list that Palleschi has repeatedly stated he has no idea existed until Puar showed it to him during an all candidates debate on October 5th.

"My campaign has not and will not accept money from developers. The quote that Palleschi has taken off my Facebook site is one which is noted above my donors list which I posted publicly so that voters can see who my donors are," said Puar.

Puar further commented that this recent attack is, "the mark of a desperate professional politician. Palleschi continues to distort the truth for residents.

"Integrity is not something you can buy Mr. Palleschi, it's something you earn and your public record and vote to deny even having a conversation about an Integrity Commissioner at the City of Brampton speak to your level of accountability, which is zero," stated Puar.

Dal Puar fundraising list is at: http://www.electdal.com/downloads/Election%20Contributors.pdf

Palleschi's donors list and oath from 2006 are on Dal Singh Puar's Facebook page.

Team Puar is determined to ensure change at City Hall occurs and is the change that the people of Brampton want and deserve. I encourage all voters of Wards 2 & 6 to vote out the professional politician and vote in transparency and accountability on October 25th.
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