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True Religion Apparel, Inc.

September 20, 2005 09:19 ET

PUBC's Recently Launched OTCBB Index Sees a Listed Company Graduate to NASDAQ

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA--(CCNMatthews - Sept. 20, 2005) - Another company listed on Public Company Management Corporation's (OTCBB:PUBC) newly launched PCMC Bulletin Board 30 Index™ graduated to a mainstream exchange last month. True Religion Apparel, Inc. (NASDAQ:TRLG) appeared on the index of 30 over-the-counter stocks in July and is now trading on the NASDAQ, making it a perfect example of the value of the Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) as a springboard for small companies to reach the larger exchanges. Three other companies listed on the index graduated to the American Stock Exchange in July. PUBC's index, located online at, is the only resource of its kind and was launched as a service for the millions of investors who follow companies traded only on the Over the Counter markets. Companies on the Index currently have an average stock price of $5.86, average market capitalization of $174 million, and an average 3-month volume of 142,693 with exposure to seven industries and 22 sectors. As the PCMC 30 evolves, it is the long-term objective of PUBC to establish either an ETF or closed-end fund that would foster greater OTCBB market awareness and investment opportunities.

True Religion operates in the Textile Apparel Clothing industry. The Company manufactures, markets, distributes and sells True Religion Brand Jeans in North and South America, Europe and Asia. According to data tracking of the OTCBB Web site (, 39 companies had graduated from the OTCBB to a major exchange as of August 2, 2005. As of that same date, the PCMC 30 Index year-to-date performance was up 29.64%.

"True Religion's debut on the NASDAQ in August helps to demonstrate that the Over the Counter Bulletin Board offers an appealing platform from which to launch public companies onto a mainstream exchange," said Stephen Brock, PUBC's CEO and founder of the PCMC Bulletin Board 30 Index. "We look forward to watching for great things from the other high-quality companies listed on our composite OTCBB index."

The PCMC 30 Index, located at, is subject to change without notice; certain events like migration to a mainstream exchange or other factors may be a catalyst for removal or substitutions. PUBC or its employees do not hold positions within any of the companies listed on the index. PUBC does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the data hosted on the PCMC 30 Index.

About the PCMC Bulletin Board 30 Index

The PCMC Bulletin Board 30 Index was created in an effort to engender greater awareness, transparency and mainstream legitimacy to a rather misunderstood capital market. Its operator, PUBC, hopes that the index will serve to educate greater numbers of investors about the validity of OTCBB stocks and to broadcast the value of the OTCBB as a springboard for small companies to launch into the mainstream exchanges. In fact, since its inception in July, the Index has seen several listed companies graduate to a mainstream exchange, including True Religion Apparel (NASDAQ: TRLG), GAINSCO, Inc. (AMEX: GAN), Law Enforcement Associates Corp. (AMEX: AID) and Covad Communications Group, Inc. (AMEX: DVW).

The PCMC Bulletin Board 30 Index™ is the only resource of its kind available for those interested in the performance of stocks traded on the OTCBB. The index is comprised of 30 stocks that are selected based on the following eight criteria: (1) three month average trade volume; (2) market capitalization; (3) historical stock price; (4) shares outstanding; (5) estimated float; (6) sales; (7) operating history; (8) industry/sector diversity. The Index is subject to change without notice; certain events like migration to a mainstream exchange or other factors may be a catalyst for removals or substitutions. PUBC or its employees do not hold positions within any of the companies listed on the index.

The OTCBB is a regulated quotation service that displays real-time quotes, last-sale prices, and volume information in over-the-counter (OTC) equity securities. An OTC equity security generally is any equity that is not listed or traded on NASDAQ or a national securities exchange. OTCBB securities include national, regional, and foreign equity issues, warrants, units, American Depositary Receipts (ADRs), and Direct Participation Programs (DPPs). To be eligible for quotation on the OTCBB, issuers must remain current in their filings with the SEC or applicable regulatory authority. OTCBB issuers are subject to many of the provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, some of which are now in effect.

Over the past five years volume on the OTCBB has grown approximately ten-fold. There was nearly a 300 percent increase from 1998 to 1999. Through the end of April 2005, there were 77 billion shares traded on the OTCBB, according to the OTC Journal. The PCMC Bulletin Board 30 Index is the only measurement of performance of stocks traded in the Over the Counter Market.

About Public Company Management Corporation

PUBC is a fast-growing, emerging company that provides a number of consulting and advising services to companies seeking to access public capital markets. PUBC's primary service is to help promising private companies become publicly traded companies by listing them on the OTCBB. PUBC focuses on the small business market segment, traditionally underserved by large investment banks such as Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB) and JP Morgan Chase Co. (NYSE: JPM).

PUBC helps business owners create liquidity for investors and long-term value for their companies, shareholders and partners by participating in public capital markets. PUBC supports the full lifecycle of entering the public market through its various subsidiaries:

Education - Pubco White Papers ( hosts a comprehensive body of knowledge on private and public equity markets.

Registration and listing -- Go Public Today ( provides a complete solution to help small companies register securities for public offerings and obtain a listing on the OTCBB.

Regulatory compliance -- Public Company Management Services ( assists new and existing public companies in negotiating the new complexities of maintaining a public company and creating sustainable and affordable compliance processes.

PUBC leads by example, demonstrating to current and future clients' best practices in taking a company public, investor relations, public relations, regulatory compliance, and raising capital.

Safe Harbor

This press release contains or may contain forward-looking statements such as statements regarding PUBC's growth and profitability, growth strategy, liquidity and access to public markets, operating expense reduction, and trends in the industry in which PUBC operates. The forward-looking statements contained in this press release are also subject to other risks and uncertainties, including those more fully described in PUBC's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. PUBC assumes no obligation to update these forward-looking statements to reflect actual results, changes in risks, uncertainties or assumptions underlying or affecting such statements, or for prospective events that may have a retroactive effect.
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