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September 01, 2010 06:31 ET

Public Transport Failing 88% of Students in Recession, Research Suggests re-launches to combat stress and increased prices

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Sept. 1, 2010) - As the cost of student living becomes increasingly expensive and as a new wave of students are about to start a new term, figures released suggest up to 176,000 fresher students will avoid using public transport when moving to University this year - according the, the UK's original specialist in student luggage distribution.

With rail and coach companies charging up to half the price of an adult ticket for every item over that of the usually allocated three bags, one of which has to be considered 'hand luggage', excess baggage charges can be increased by £100s for a one way journey alone - an additional expense that no student is going to want to forgo, especially before even reaching the student bar.

As a result, only 12% of students opt to use public transport, over a car or walking a recent survey by YouGov has revealed. Additional factors which may have also contributed to the lack of use include overcrowding and the possibility of not being seated, as well as poor seating.

Harry Henstock, a student of Edinburgh University said: "Having to spend the long trip home to Northampton on a crammed train with all my bags and belongings, really puts me off using public transport. With the amount of bags I take home every term, full of dirty washing and work there is no way I could afford to fork out excess baggage costs, so I would just rather avoid using public transport all together."

With an influx of students returning or starting University in September there are solutions students can use which can help take some of the hassle out of travelling to and from their various places of study. Student baggage service, is fighting back against costly excess baggage charges in a bid to make the lives of students easier across the UK. There is no need for weighing luggage, enables students to send suitcases and anywhere in the UK for a flat rate of £22.

Adam Ewart, Founder of said: "I set up based upon my own experience of being at University away from home, I understand what it is like for students who are tired of relying on friends and family to get them to halls of residence and home again every few months and having to shell out a small fortune in excess baggage. We even offer students with a survival kit, which includes essential items every student needs, from a pot noodle to pens. The survival kit can then be delivered to a student's halls of residence in time for the start of term." enables students to send suitcases and luggage anywhere in the UK for a flat rate of £22. has also partnered with UCAS, offering UCAS card holders a £2 discount on each bag sent using the service.

To assist further, has also launched a student starter pack, to take the hassle out of what students have to pack and carry with them to University. Containing student essentials such as stationery to kitchen and food supplies, upon ordering the student pack, this can then be delivered directly to the student's halls of residence. 

As a student service, SendMyBag provides an SMS question and answer facility, for more information, please visit or text 0782 5308509.

*YouGov – Consumer Survey 2010

Notes to editors personally cover every bag or box up to £150 for loss / damage. relies on customers attaching labels to their suitcases / bags / boxes  

Bags are not physically searched but at various points will pass through x-ray. 

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