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5 July 2011

                                   GREAT WESTERN MINING CORPORATION PLC
                                    ("Great Western" or "the Company")
                                 PUBLICATION OF COMPETANT PERSON'S REPORT
Great Western Mining Corporation plc, the Dublin based mineral exploration company which is prospecting for
Gold, Silver, Copper, Uranium and other minerals over a 73sq km area in Nevada, USA, announces the
publication of a Competant Person's Report (the "CPR" or the "Report") on the Company's mining properties
in the Black Mountain and Huntoon Districts of Mineral County, Nevada, USA (the "Mining Properties").

The  independent CPR has been prepared and signed by W T Cohan of WT Cohan & Associates, Inc. ("WT  Cohan")
and  has been independently peer reviewed by Gerald J. Daub, Daub & Associates, Inc. Further details of  Mr
Cohan's qualifications and experience are contained towards the end of this announcement.

WT Cohan prepared a technical report on the Company's mining properties in June 2009. The CPR is a revision
of that report, updated to reflect the results obtained from additional sampling, the reinterpretation of
existing aeromagnetic survey data and studies of high altitude infrared imagery. The CPR has been drafted
to comply with the reporting requirements specified within JORC* and the AIM Note for Mining and Oil & Gas
Companies (June 2009).

All opinions, findings and conclusions expressed in this report are those of WT Cohan and are based on
information obtained by himself or provided by Great Western and the review by WT Cohan of source data.

Below is an Exectuive Summary of the CPR. A full copy of the CPR can be found on the Company's website:

Executive Summary of Report

Great Western Mining PLC owns six blocks of unpatented lode mining claims in the Black Mountain Mining
District, in Mineral County, Nevada, USA. Prospecting has disclosed the wide-spread occurrence of high
grade oxidized copper associated with southwest trending linear structures. A number of these prospects
appear to be suitable for exploitation by open pit mining and heap leaching.  It is possible that economic
concentrations of silver are associated with these copper deposits. There also are showings of narrow vein-
hosted uranium and precious metals mineralization that might be feasible for exploitation by underground
mining and heap leaching.

Bottle roll leaching tests conducted by Hazen Research of Golden, Colorado, USA of samples crushed to pass
a 6 mm screen opening, produced excellent extractions of copper, precious metals and uranium. Geologic and
geophysical evidence suggests that portions of the claimed properties are permissive for the discovery a
bulk-tonnage disseminated copper and silver deposits at moderate depths.  Recently completed geophysical
and high altitude infrared imagery studies indicate the potential for the occurrence of epithermal precious
metals, in particular silver, deposits similar to those mined at the nearby mining district of Candalaria.
A total of eight targets that are of interest to Great Western Mining Corporation PLC were identified. The
target models are now believed to consist of the following possibilities:
        Model                                Mass, Tonnes                          Grade
        Disseminated Silver                    25 Million                       102.9g/t Ag
        Disseminated Oxide Copper              25 Million                         0.6% Cu
        Epithermal Silver Vein                  3 Million                       514.3g//t Ag

These models are have been derived from published data and the author's knowledge of the nearby mining
districts of Candalaria, Santa Fe and Tonopah, Nevada.

The recommended future exploration programs consist of geologic mapping to define targets and detailed
sampling and exploration by drilling.  Additional geophysical surveys, in the form of land based induced
polarization ("I-P") and magnetic surveys are being implemented.  A program of acquiring additional land
tenure on recently identified geophysical targets of interest has been implemented. The estimated costs of
the future exploration programs are $US 5.3 million for the first phase and $US 5.7 million for the second
phase. The two phases are expected to define one of the identified geologically anomalous areas
sufficiently to complete an estimate of resources and a preliminary feasibility study. The estimated
duration of both phases is two to three years, depending upon drill productivities.

Notes for Editors: Further Information on WT Cohan & Associates, Inc.

Mr  W  T  Cohan founded WT Cohan & Associates in 1980 and has practiced in the States of Arizona, Arkansas,
California, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Wyoming, and in the  countries
of Australia, Canada, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Pakistan, the Republic of South Africa and the Ukraine and
has  held  positions responsible for managing mine development and production, mine engineering  management
and mineral exploration.

Mr.  William  T.  Cohan, B.Sc. (Mining Engineering, w/Honors) is a graduate of the South Dakota  School  of
Mines  and Technology and a Registered Professional Engineer (Mining) in the States of Colorado and Nevada,
a  Registered Geologist in the State of California and a Registered Water Rights Surveyor in the  State  of
Nevada.   He  is  a member of the Society of Mining Engineers of AIMME (Legion of Honor),  the  Society  of
Economic Geologists, the Canadian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy, Society of Ground Water Scientists  and
Engineers of the National Ground Water Association, and the National Society of Professional Engineers.

The CPR is based upon Mr. Cohan's previous experience in the district during the period 1980 to 1989,
inspection of the properties accompanied by Great Western representatives in July 2008, examination and
assays of samples collected by Cohan and Great Western personnel, during the period 2007 to the present,
geophysical and infrared spectral analyses (ASTER) studies conducted on behalf of Great Western Mining, and
technical literature available in the public domain.  All assaying was performed by Grand Junction
Laboratories, an ISO certified facility, located in Grand Junction, Colorado, USA.

Other  than for the purposes of completing the Report as described in this document, neither WT  Cohan  nor
any  person involved in the preparation and/or review of this Report has any commercial interest  in  Great
Western  or  any  associated companies. Neither WT Cohan nor its staff will receive any interest  in  Great
Western  or any associated companies as a result of undertaking this Report.  WT Cohan will be paid  normal
professional rates for completing the CPR for Great Western.

* The JORC Code is the Australasian Code for the reporting of Exploration results, Mineral Resources and
Ore Reserves prepared by the Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC) of the Australasian Institute of Mining &
Metallurgy, Australian Institute of Geoscientists and the Minerals Council of Australia and published in


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