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Punch Communications

February 01, 2011 12:30 ET

Punch Highlights the Importance of Combating Negative Online PR

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Feb. 1, 2011) - Negative online PR affects every company from time to time. Whether it comes in the form of negative reviews on forums or harmful comments on social networking sites, it has the potential to damage a company's reputation.

But despite how disheartening it can be to receive negative online PR, Social Media Agency Punch Communications advises companies to have a plan in place to deal with it accordingly.

Here Punch has come up with a few ways that companies can help to limit the damage of negative Online PR:

Find Out what's Being Said – companies should react quickly and appropriately to negative PR, which means keeping an eye on what is being said about them in the first place. Google Alerts is one of the simplest ways to do this, although other professional monitoring tools are available.

Don't Go On the Attack – if a company comes across some negative feedback or comments, the temptation can be to jump straight in and counter the criticism. However, it is always worth waiting for a while and then composing a suitable response rather than reacting in the heat of the moment.

Focus on the Issue – although it can be tempting to get drawn into a personal battle with the commenter or reviewer when a company comes across negative online PR, it is important to only ever focus on the issue that is being raised. Steering clear of personal battles will give the company more credibility and prevent things from escalating.

Pete Goold, the Managing Director of PR Company Punch Communications, also suggests that companies should be realistic and accept when the criticism is deserved:

"If a company has done something to deserve the criticism, such as provided a bad service, then the best option is to admit the mistake and apologise. This tactic is far better than going on the attack, and it can even help companies to gain valuable feedback in order to improve how they operate in the future."

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