February 27, 2009 17:25 ET

Puppy Mill Surrenders 60 Dogs to the CSPCA

Surrender sheds light on the ever-present problem of Puppy Mills in Quebec

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Feb. 27, 2009) - This afternoon, the Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals took in approximately 60 dogs from a puppy mill just outside of Montreal. The dogs were voluntarily surrendered by the owner of the mill to the CSPCA on Friday February 27th.

The dogs, all small breeds, arrived at the shelter filthy and scared. They are being cared for by CSPCA volunteers at the emergency shelter in Montreal, where they are being given veterinary treatment, grooming and socialization before they are placed up for adoption.

"We are pleased that the owner of this puppy mill facility took it upon herself to surrender some of her animals to the CSPCA and we certainly encourage others to do the same. We were fortunate that the dogs were surrendered to us because, while the conditions of the dogs at this facility were certainly unacceptable, the owner of the facility was acting in conformity of the Criminal code and therefore we were powerless to take any legal action in order to seize the dogs," said Alanna Devine, Acting Executive Director for the CSPCA. "This case once again demonstrates the problem with our current legislation and enforcement; The Criminal Code does not adequately protect animals against neglect and the current Provincial animal welfare structure is doing little to stop puppy mills from operating in this Province".

On February 12th, The Minister of Agriculture, Me Laurent Lessard announced the creation of a working group to bolster existing measures concerning pet cruelty. The working group will be headed by Geoffrey Kelley, MNA for Jacques-Cartier and will focus, among other things, on the issue of registration of puppy mills.

"The fact that we are only able to rescue these dogs because the owner of the facility surrendered the animals is more proof that Quebec must take a stronger stance against puppy mills. The public of Quebec has expressed loud and clear that action must be taken so that puppy mills can no longer operate in this Province. We are hopeful that the working group organized by Minister Lessard will facilitate sorely needed meaningful changes in Quebec Provincial animal welfare legislation and eradicate puppy mills once and for all" said Devine.

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