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June 17, 2013 10:39 ET

Purdex Launches Purdex Score -- the First and Only National System to Rate the Health and Safety of Drinking Water

Offers Comparisons to Bottled Water and Insights Into Water Filters

NATICK, MA--(Marketwired - Jun 17, 2013) - Purdex LLC (, an independent, drinking water certification company that provides empirical information about the quality and safety of drinking water, today announced the launch of Purdex Score, the first and only national system that rates the health and safety of drinking water.

A free, unbiased online rating system for thousands of public water systems in the U.S., major bottled water brands and filtration systems, the Purdex Score provides consumers with information about the relative safety and purity of their drinking water. All public water systems conduct annual water sample testing but before Purdex, comparing water quality was a complicated, rarely undertaken process. Purdex also obtained independent testing results to generate Purdex Scores for many popular bottled water companies.

The company was founded by twins, Thomas and Michael Keegan, experts with a combined 30 years of experience helping public water systems manage compliance and reporting of test data in annual water quality reports. After publishing and distributing more than 50 million water quality reports to communities across the country, amassing the nation's largest and most current database of certified drinking water sample test data, the Keegans launched Purdex to answer a simple question: "Is my water safe to drink?"

According to Thomas Keegan, MSPH, co-founder of Purdex, "Most people judge drinking water by its taste but good taste doesn't always correlate with water purity. By launching a free website tool, the Purdex Score, we've created an easy way to see how your water measures up; our scoring algorithm uses the same data that the EPA uses to determine compliance with water quality standards. Consumers around the country now can make more informed decisions about the water they drink, whether it's from the tap or bottle. We also help them understand which filtration system might work best, based on their own water's contaminant profile."

Based on federal standards and an algorithm developed by Purdex, and confirmed by the Department of Biostatistics at Harvard University's School of Public Health, the Purdex Score objectively rates public water systems on a scale from 0 - 1,000; higher scores relate to better water quality. According to the Purdex Score, results from 600 to 799 is considered good, from 800 through 899 is very good and from 900 to 1,000 is exceptional.

For example, based on the Purdex Score the best and worst water systems in the top 10 metropolitan areas (by population) are:

Best Water Systems

1. Chicago (783)
2. Boston (737)
3. Philadelphia (687)
4. Atlanta (684)
5. Miami (656)

Worst Water Systems

1. Los Angeles (101)
2. Houston (236)
3. Washington, DC (436)
4. Dallas (619)
5. New York City (638)

"We think people will be surprised by the results. For example, despite its great taste the Purdex Score for New York City is lower than most people would expect due to higher concentrations of some contaminants," said Michael Keegan, co-founder of Purdex.

The Purdex Score website also provides context such as water system ranking, trending analysis, and information about contaminants. The Purdex database contains millions of sample test results for hundreds of drinking water contaminants, collected from over 50,000 community water systems nationwide. The database is updated on a regular basis once new sample test results are officially validated.

Purdex also offers Purdex Mark, an independent certification that enables businesses to generate awareness about the purity of their water and water-related products.

About Purdex LLC
Purdex is an independent, drinking water certification company that provides empirical information about the quality and safety of drinking water. The free web-based Purdex Score establishes an industry standard, providing consumers for the first time with information they can use to evaluate the many choices when it comes to drinking water. The Purdex Score is based on the company's proprietary algorithm that uses the nation's largest and most current database of testing results from more than 50,000 public water systems, and incorporates EPA's health-based standards for water safety.
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