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December 03, 2014 11:00 ET

PURE Energies Visits the Amazon Rainforest, Demonstrating That Sustainable Societies Are Possible Without a PhD

KENDJAM, BRAZIL--(Marketwired - December 03, 2014) - PURE Energies visits the extraordinary indigenous tribe protecting one of the world's largest surviving tracts of tropical rainforest.

A team from PURE Energies, part of the NRG family of companies, went on an expedition to the Brazilian Amazon, where they spent a week with the indigenous Kayapo Tribe in the Kendjam community on the Iriri River. Zbigniew Barwicz, head of PURE Energies, led the team to learn from the Kayapo's model of sustainability and independence and offer support. Barwicz and the PURE Energies team were motivated to bring the Kayapo success story to the busy homeowners of North America to showcase a pure form of sustainability, wealth and happiness. PURE Energies was the first group to visit the Kayapo people since National Geographic Magazine gained entry two years prior.

"Maintaining the Amazon rainforest is integral to the global landscape; tropical deforestation on a global scale is responsible for almost as much carbon emissions as all of the world's trucks, cars, ships, trains and planes," said Barwicz.

Barwicz is a long-time admirer of the Kayapo for their proven ability to protect their land, independence, and sustainable lifestyle, in the face of mounting threats. The Kayapo are exemplary in their efforts to keep their culture and traditions intact, while defending 1,550 miles of border from invasion and encroachment. "I was initially attracted to the Kayapo story because of the size and complexity of their mission. After living alongside them, I've realized that there is nothing complex about their lifestyle. They just make it happen," observed Barwicz.

PURE Energies' expedition to the Amazon contributes to a broader theme for the company which is interested in social and environmental improvements in remote areas. Barwicz kicked off 2014 with the Climb for DSF, climbing Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina, the highest mountain in the Western and Southern Hemispheres, to raise awareness and funds for the David Suzuki Foundation. Project Kayapo is another addition to PURE Energies' commitment to exploring remote territories and doing so for a cause. Barwicz suspects that this will not be his last trip to the Brazilian Amazon.

PURE Energies donated $90,000 to the International Conservation Fund of Canada (ICFC), the first Canadian charity to focus solely on conserving nature in the tropics. The ICFC works directly with the Kayapo tribe to support conservation of Amazon rainforest. The PURE Energies donation will support the purchase of a new 4x4 vehicle, fuel and expedition supplies for territorial monitoring. The team also donated a Goal Zero solar powered lantern to every household in the community: a most welcome technological advancement for the people of Kendjam. The solar powered light sources do not require gasoline or diesel and improve the quality of life at night through practical uses, such as delivering babies to extending hours for socialization and processing the forest products the Kayapo sell. Goal Zero is an affiliate of PURE Energies, and both entities are subsidiaries of NRG Energy, Inc., a leading independent power producer in the United States.

"To be one of the few people invited to live alongside the Kayapo tribe was an honor. Learning their unique way of life was eye-opening. They are an incredible people. They don't even think about sustainability because they don't introduce destruction into their land. What they do doesn't require a PhD, it requires practicality," said Barwicz. Barbara Zimmerman, Kayapo Program Director, reported, "The fact that a private company is so interested in a remote territory in Brazil is remarkable. PURE Energies isn't an NGO. They are attempting to balance profit with corporate responsibility; they care and they want to share the story. We look forward to future endeavours."

PURE Energies Releases Expedition Video
In maintaining the world's largest protected area of rainforest, the Kayapo also preserve a way of living and joy that must be seen to be believed. PURE Energies will be releasing a video on December 2nd which will summarize their Kayapo mission. The video will reveal a beautiful, rich and remote area of the world, with an up-close view of the proud people who preserve and protect it. See the video now.

The Power to be Free
"One of the qualities that first attracted PURE Energies to NRG Home Solar was their mission and values, which align with our core mission, the Power to be Free," said Kelcy Pegler, President of NRG Home Solar. "Solar at home is a no-brainer, and thousands of people across the United States are adopting it as a win-win for the environment and their budgets."

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The International Conservation Fund of Canada is the first Canadian charity to focus on conserving nature in the tropics. All people no matter where they live benefit from natural ecosystems and the richness of life worldwide. Nature in the tropics, especially rainforests, is under escalating intense threat and conservation action is urgently needed before the planet's richest ecosystems are lost forever. The ICFC believes the most effective conservation method is to invest in empowerment of local and traditional communities whom live near or in rainforests. The Kayapo Project is a stellar example of this work. Tropical ecosystem conservation addresses many of our greatest challenges: climate change (to which deforestation is a major contributor), biodiversity loss, deteriorating fish stocks and marine ecosystems, flooding, droughts and desertification. For more information please visit:

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