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January 13, 2015 09:30 ET

Pure TalkUSA Now Offering Up to 23 Percent Increase in Family and Flex Plan Minutes at No Additional Cost

COVINGTON, GA--(Marketwired - Jan 13, 2015) - Pure TalkUSA, a leading provider of affordable, no-contract cell phone services, updated its Mobile Flex and Family Plans to include more minutes, now being offered at their most valuable prices yet.

The Flex Plan now offers 30 more minutes compared to the previous package, resulting in 160 total minutes, or a 23 percent increase, each month. Any minutes that go unused will rollover to the next month. Customers can also add 400MB of data for $9.95 OR 1 GB for $19.90.

Pure TalkUSA now also offers up to a 21 percent increase in minutes for Family Plan customers at no extra charges. The new plans and associated rates include:

  • 400 minutes (compared to the previous 330) at $20.00
  • 700 minutes (compared to the previous 630) at $30.00
  • 1100 minutes (compared to the previous 1030) at $40.00
  • 1500 minutes (compared to the previous 1430) at $50.00

The variety of packages enable customers to select a plan that best fits their family's unique lifestyle and budget. Family Plan owners choose how many minutes each line will receive, and any unused minutes will rollover to the next month. Customers can add additional lines for only $5.00 and receive an additional 70 extra minutes.

"We try our best to provide our customers with the most reliable, reasonably priced cell phone plans that are customized based on unique needs and budgets," said Norman Klugman, COO at Pure TalkUSA. "Our Flex and Family Plans now offer more flexibility and affordability than ever. Now, customers receive more minutes while preserving all the benefits they had before and paying no extra fees."

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A nationwide provider of low-cost cell phone plans, starting at $5, Pure TalkUSA provides reasonable, reliable and flexible cellular phone service on the Nation's largest GSM Network. Pure TalkUSA offers affordable cell phone service, never requires a contract, and does not charge for roaming or long distance fees. Pure TalkUSA delivers optimally convenient flex plans and network technologies for a better mobile phone experience. To learn more about Pure TalkUSA, visit

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