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Pure Trading

September 06, 2007 15:45 ET

Pure Trading System Order Types

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 6, 2007) -

Pure Trading Notice 2007-018

This notice highlights order types that are and are not supported by the Pure Trading System. Order types that are not supported will be rejected on entry.

A document summarizing all order types and key functionality considerations associated with the Pure Trading system is available on www.puretrading.ca under "Technical Support" (http://www.puretrading.ca/Storage/13/787_PURE_Orders_and_Functionality_Document.pdf)

Special Terms/Odd Lots

The following special fill terms are NOT supported:

- All or None

- Minimum Fill

- Lots of

Fill or Kill (FOK) orders entered through a STAMP gateway will be accepted but will be rejected if entered through a FIX gateway. Such orders must be marked "Immediate or Cancel" (IOC) when using a FIX gateway.

Settlement fill terms (cash, delayed delivery, non-resident, non-net) ARE supported.

Any orders, including odd lot orders, entered with an "all or none" term will be rejected. Odd lot orders entered without an "all or none" term will be accepted and will be filled on an "all or none" basis.

Price-Linked Orders

The following order types are NOT supported as they must be filled at a specific price on another marketplace:

- Last Sale Trading Session

- Market on Close (MOC)

- Must Be Filled (MBF)

Minimum Guaranteed Fill

Orders marked MGF will be accepted, but Pure Trading will NOT offer a "minimum guaranteed fill" feature. Tradeable orders that are larger than the displayed volume on the bid or offer are not guaranteed a complete fill. Odd lot orders that are tradeable at the bid or offer in the regular market will be booked in the odd lot market.

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