PureShare Inc.

PureShare Inc.

June 17, 2008 14:32 ET

PureShare Announces Visionary New Approach to Business Intelligence Software

Enterprises can now leverage any graphics tools to display global metrics with adaptive visualization engine

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 17, 2008) - PureShare, a provider of software products that enable better business performance through proactive metrics management, today announced it has developed a revolutionary new way to present business metrics leveraging any graphic display or visualization tool available from organizations like Dundas, Google and Microsoft. This industry-first adaptive visualization engine is the most recent innovation within the PureShare(R) ActiveMetrics(TM) product and is a key component of the most flexible metrics management engine available to enterprises.

"We take a visionary stance in an industry that tends to be preoccupied with who has the best-looking graphs and widgets. Rather than trying to build a better mousetrap, we give our customers the ability to choose the mousetraps they like best and allow them complete flexibility in how they choose to display their operational and business data," said PureShare CEO Christopher Dean. "The adaptive rendering engine allows organizations to leverage PureShare's proactive metrics management products while taking advantage of any of the tools available in the marketplace to generate metrics output. Reports, charts, maps, graphs, dashboards - there is now no version or style of web-based graphics or other web-based communication tools that our products can't handle."

With the adaptive visualization engine, the flexibility of metrics display is not limited to any specific visualization software product or tool. The Google Chart API, Google Map API, Microsoft Virtual Earth, Dundas Chart, Dundas Gauge, and Dundas Map are just a few of the currently popular tools with which the new engine integrates. Using the engine as a component of PureShare ActiveMetrics, output can now be delivered to PDAs, such as Blackberry devices for mobile display, integrated into web portals, such as Microsoft SharePoint environments, or linked to external content, such as Google web services. This goes beyond just dashboards and reports to enable generation of any type of dynamic web content and the creation interactive web applications.

The adaptable visualization engine is now available as a component of PureShare ActiveMetrics' second generation product. PureShare ActiveMetrics is a software framework that enables the consolidation and visualization of operational and performance metrics based on data gathered from any sources across an enterprise. It is a web-based corporate performance management application that proactively monitors and measures key performance indicators within the context that each manager, executive or operator requires.

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PureShare develops software products that are helping define the next level of business communications. Through PureShare solutions, business leaders gain direct access to answers for their mission-critical questions via interactive web dashboards, creating a powerful and immediate feedback loop for the entire organization. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, PureShare and its VAR and OEM partners deliver solutions to a worldwide customer base, including the Global 1000, large-to-midsized companies and public entities across many industries.

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