PureShare Inc.

PureShare Inc.

March 04, 2009 08:47 ET

PureShare Releases ActiveMetrics v2.0

Next generation operational metrics management software provides direct access to answers

OTTAWA, ONTARIO and LAS VEGAS, NEVADA--(Marketwire - March 4, 2009) - PureShare(R), a privately-held software company that provides managers, executives and staff with direct access to answers about the business without the need for traditional reports, has released PureShare ActiveMetrics(TM) version 2.0. The new release features three significant enhancements to the ActiveMetrics value proposition: extended visibility into operations, expanded options for metrics presentation, and enhanced user efficiency. Like all PureShare products, ActiveMetrics v2.0 software completely eliminates the need for generating, analyzing and managing manual reports by providing direct access to answers about business operations through proactive metrics.

"We developed AM v2.0 to build on the success of the first generation software, which has delivered immediate and long-term cost savings along with increased efficiencies to our customers," said Christopher Dean, CEO PureShare. "With ActiveMetrics v2.0 our goal was simple - to improve the software to allow users to access information anytime, anywhere, from any source and in any format so they are always up-to-date about current operations performance. Managers now have more visibility through this powerful tool to help make immediate decisions that have a direct impact on the business."

Extended visibility into operations

ActiveMetrics 2.0 now incorporates metrics derived from web services, external web sources, third-party systems, remote systems and custom APIs, in addition to the databases and spreadsheets. This means that executives, managers and staff can now obtain the most complete view of operational metrics and performance.

Expanded options for metrics presentation

With a wider range of display options for operational metrics, new capabilities such as mapping and calendars, and the most comprehensive charting library - all enabled by the industry-first adaptive visualization engine - ActiveMetrics 2.0 users now have unparalleled options to customize the presentation of the business metrics to best suit the needs of the business and its users.

Enhanced user efficiency

New capabilities of ActiveMetrics 2.0 enhance users' efficiency with the product. Metrics can be delivered to handheld mobile devices providing fully portable solutions. Beyond simply accessing metrics from anywhere, users now have a complete feedback loop with proactive notifications and can interact with and manipulate metrics from their mobile devices.

"Four years ago, PureShare ActiveMetrics literally turned our business around and enabled Mobile Knowledge Corporation to emerge from receivership. ActiveMetrics allowed us, for the first time, to manage all facets of our business - cash flow, investor confidence, profitability, operations, and financial focus - by cleaning up errors and bringing accuracy and visibility to all of our numbers." said Francine Barbe, Director of Finance at Mobile Knowledge Corporation.

"ActiveMetrics gives us a window into our actual business performance. Using ActiveMetrics, we have increased the accuracy and efficiency of our pipeline by 100 percent, improved revenue predictions resulting in accurate cash flow management, and eliminated the time and errors inherent in our previous manual reporting and forecasting processes. We're excited to learn more about the added features and benefits offered in the new Version 2.0"

The extended features and new capabilities of ActiveMetrics v2.0 are enabled by PureShare's newly released PURE Technology platform, and the industry-first adaptive visualization engine. The PURE Technology platform is a universal request engine that provides a central hub for the gathering and transformation of data from any source, to any output format. This platform is coupled with the adaptive visualization engine, which provides unparalleled flexibility for presenting metrics and creating interactive web applications.

About PureShare

PureShare develops software-based proactive management tools that eliminate the need for reports, manual spreadsheets and slide-ware. PureShare's "answers-on-demand" model provides executives, managers and staff with direct, anytime access to metrics that can be used on a daily basis. Now, everyone can understand the business and its current status without manually assembling and analyzing information. PureShare leverages all the data sources a company has to provide a direct line to answers - without the need for reports. For more information, please visit www.pureshare.com. PureShare: No Reports - Just Answers.

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