PureShare Inc.

PureShare Inc.

February 24, 2009 08:38 ET

PureShare Unveils PURE Technology Platform

Universal request engine provides the platform to consolidate and transform any data sources into operational metrics

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 24, 2009) - PureShare, a privately-held software company that provides managers, executives and staff with direct access to answers without the need for traditional reports, has unveiled its PURE Technology platform, an innovative platform that is driving the company's ongoing development of products that enable organizations to shift from traditional manual, after-the-fact reporting environments to a new real-time "answers on demand" business model.

The PURE Technology platform is a universal request engine that provides a central hub for the gathering and transformation of data from any source, to any output format. PureShare has developed a library of input and output adaptors, and new ones can be quickly added as needed to enable new capabilities in PureShare products. This adaptable plug-and-play design allows for the mix and match of components on a common platform and enables all PureShare products to provide organizations with unparalleled flexibility and scalability.

"The PURE Technology platform was built upon all of the lessons but none of the code from previous versions of our products. It is a single elegant and efficient new design for accessing and processing information of any type," said PureShare CEO, Christopher Dean. "This translates to unlimited flexibility in the data that PureShare products can access and transform - from visual metrics to emails, files, custom APIs, and more. PURE Technology can leverage any electronic source to derive answers."

Every new PureShare server product release will be based on the PURE Technology platform. For PureShare customers, this innovation means they can gain timely access to all of the information that is important to a company's operations no matter where that information resides. This keeps authorized managers and executives always "in the know" and current. Now, no one needs a weekly or monthly report to discover, analyze and resolve a problem or issue with operational performance.

PURE Technology is the basis for enabling significant improvements in operational efficiencies, direct material benefits to an organization, and a significant reduction in the need for paper.

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PureShare develops software-based proactive management tools that eliminate the need for reports, manual spreadsheets and slideware. Pureshare provides executives, managers and staff with direct, anytime access to metrics that can be used on a daily basis. Now, everyone can understand the business and its current status without manually assembling and analyzing information. Pureshare leverages all the data sources a company has to provide a direct line to answers - without the need for reports. For more information, please visit www.pureshare.com. PureShare: No Reports - Just Answers.

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